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Installing Android 4 (KitKat) on my ZTE Blade 3.

Guest damjan_bujandric

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Guest damjan_bujandric

First of all, I know that a lot of you came into this thread to say "SEARCH THE FORUM FIRST", believe me I did that, and I've acknowledged everything I've found, but I have a few things I want answered that I couldn't find anywhere. Thanks. :)


Right, so here's the thing: About two weeks ago, I tried to upgrade my ZTE Blade 3 with KitKat, via CWM and Cyanogenmod. Truth be told, I didn't really get as far as Cyanogenmod, because as soon as I tried to flash the recovery to CWM, the phone was bricked, dead, couldn't do anything to get it fixed, tried for two days non-stop. Hundreds of solutions and not one of them worked . But it's my fault, I was very overconfident that I knew what I was doing and very careless, so it's natural that that sort of thing happened.

Anyway, I sent it to get serviced and I have it back now, again with Android 3. Now I've decided to poke the bear again and try to install Android 4 once more, this time hopefully without bricking anything. :D


However, before I do that, I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask. First, is CWM absolutely neccessary for this procedure, or is it possible to do it without CWM? Second, is Cyanogenmod absolutely neccessary, or is there way I can install the vanilla Android 4 on my ZTE, through ADB or something? I've googled but there seems to be no guide for that kind of thing. I'd really like to do this with as least custom stuff as possible. Just vanilla Android 4, like you would upgrade a Windows OS, I guess. Most of all, I'd like to avoid meddling with the firmware.


Lastly, if the only way is indeed with CWM and through Cyanogenmod, I'd like someone who has DONE THIS BEFORE on a ZTE Blade 3 to kinda help me out. I've seen many users on this forum that are from my area (Serbia) that have managed to do this on ZTE Blade 3, so if you guys are there, I need your help right about now. :)


I've located a few guides, first for CWM, tell me, is this guide good?
It seems simple enough, but after bricking my phone, I'm afraid to try anything again.


If anyone replies, I'll continue the procedure, but first I'd like an answer to the first three questions I asked, just so I know what I have or don't have to do, so I can figure out if this is really worth risking bricking my phone again. Thanks in advance!

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