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pls help i'm stuck after i update official rom using Coolpad Download Assistant

Guest kubarokline

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Guest kubarokline

Hi all,


I'm stuck after i update official rom using Coolpad Download Assistant 


after that i search tutorial for my model Coolpad 8970L everywhere, but nowhere can be found

please help me  :(


then i try update using YGDP

18:22:25  CELL0: Software Version:  Assembly - <V3.83Beta_140509_12>
18:22:25  CELL0: Cell 0 USB address is: 6&688A3B8&0&2
18:31:26  CELL0: Waiting for device ready ...
18:31:28  CELL0: Init download info ...
18:31:28  CELL0: Init complete! Start ...
18:31:28  CELL0: Download Started...
18:31:28  CELL0: Downloading CPB: 
18:31:28  CELL0: Init DownQueue...
18:31:29  CELL0: Device connected, start to download ...
18:31:29  CELL0: Get bootloader information ...
18:31:29  CELL0: Bootloader is new !
18:31:29  CELL0: Bootloader will all use CRC !
18:31:29  CELL0: Bootloader does not support querying CID !
18:31:29  CELL0: Bootloader does not support querying Secure !
18:31:29  CELL0: Check device ...
18:31:29  CELL0: Check phone pass !
18:31:29  CELL0: Check Phone Info, Please waiting...
18:31:29  CELL0: Phone fix pass !
18:31:29  CELL0: Switched device to upgrade mode ...
18:31:29  CELL0: Enter upgrade mode: the bootloader is relative old!
18:31:29  CELL0: Start to download CPB ...
18:31:29  CELL0: C:\Downloads\4.2.060.P1.140702.8970L.CPB
18:31:29  CELL0: Unlock bootloader ...
18:31:29  CELL0:  Start to download bootloader.bin file ...
18:31:29  CELL0: transmit bootloader.bin file size info OK
18:31:36  CELL0:  Transmit bootloader.bin file Flag code OK
18:31:36  CELL0:  Start to download boot.img file ...
18:31:36  CELL0: transmit boot.img file size info OK
18:31:38  CELL0:  Transmit boot.img file Flag code OK
18:31:38  CELL0:  Start to download recovery.img file ...
18:31:38  CELL0: transmit recovery.img file size info OK
18:31:41  CELL0:  Transmit recovery.img file Flag code OK
18:31:41  CELL0:  Start to download system.img file ...
18:31:41  CELL0: Downloading the 1 packet of system
18:32:55  CELL0: Downloading the 2 packet of system
18:34:09  CELL0: Downloading the 3 packet of system
18:35:24  CELL0: Downloading the 4 packet of system
18:36:13  CELL0: transmit system file data  finished,Next...
18:36:13  CELL0:  Start to download userdata.img file ...
18:36:13  CELL0: transmit userdata.img file size info OK
18:36:26  CELL0:  Transmit userdata.img file Flag code OK
18:36:26  CELL0:  Start to download mrvlimg.img file ...
18:36:26  CELL0: transmit mrvlimg.img file size info OK
18:36:33  CELL0:  Transmit mrvlimg.img file Flag code OK
18:36:33  CELL0:  Start to download mrvlau.img file ...
18:36:33  CELL0: transmit mrvlau.img file size info OK
18:36:35  CELL0:  Transmit mrvlau.img file Flag code OK
18:36:35  CELL0:  Start to download mrvlnvm.img file ...
18:36:35  CELL0: transmit mrvlnvm.img file size info OK
18:36:37  CELL0:  Transmit mrvlnvm.img file Flag code OK
18:36:37  CELL0:  Start to download misc.img file ...
18:36:37  CELL0: transmit misc.img file size info OK
18:36:37  CELL0:  Transmit misc.img file Flag code OK
18:36:37  CELL0: Lock bootloader ...
18:36:37  CELL0: Quite upgrade mode ...
18:36:37  CELL0:  Reset bootloader !
18:36:43  CELL0: Upgraded. Please remove device.
18:36:43  CELL0: Total download time elapsed: 5 min : 15 sec
18:36:43  CELL0: Downloading all files: Successful!

but still same..stuck at here




already follow this guild http://www.modaco.com/topic/373530-guide-ygdp-tool-for-flashing-stock-42-44-roms/?p=2243792

but stuck also. i have no idea what need to do next..please help me  :unsure: 



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