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Why can't we port AOSP ROM for ZTE Blade III Pro???

Guest SoWhAt249

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Guest SoWhAt249

OK I know that to build a ROM you need the sources created specifially for that device, and since ZTE hasn't released sources, we're screwed... But since we can't build one, doesn't mean we can't port one!!!

Many smartphones with no development support from their companies have CyanogenMod, Paranoid or others AOSP ROMs.

So, this phone is already successfully rooted and has a fully functional ClockworkMod recovery.

I've tried to port CyanogenMod from HTC Desire X, Huawei Ascend Y300 and ZTE Blade G to ZTE Blade III Pro with simple copy/paste app, framework, media... folders tutorial from XDA but all these attempts were a fail. All of them are getting stuck on the bootanimation. That means that the system itself works, but, the problem for not being able to boot up is the ke rnel... In order to work, the kernel must be especially modified for CyanogenMod ROM's. Since this phone's stock kernel is obviosly not made to work with CyanogenMod, so I tried flashing the kernel of the phones I tried to port from but everytime I tried it failed, but, this time was different. The system wasn't even going to the bootanimation, but was stuck right after the Android logo and the flash was turned on and was heating up really fast. I reflashed the stock ROM and kernel and ever since then I was waiting for someone to port a custom ROM for this device. Now I'm done waiting, and if someone is willing to help me modify the kernel ( zlimage and stuff ) to get CyanogenMod working on this device I'd be gratefull. Please vote on the poll above so I can see how many of the people on this forum have this device.

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