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[ROM] [Stock] [2.3.5] with working a2sd script

Guest PoP*92

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Hello to all....

I searched qite a wile (whole year and a half) for fully working rom and i find that only fully working rom without restarting was my werry first rom what i get when i bouth my phone and i decide to back to them.
And there was a big problem with that because i needed little more internal space then i have got with my phone, because noone can be satisfied with phone internal storage because is too low (and it is only reason why i make desidion to root my phone and flash custom rom).

i try with pritty much all of the roms on this forum and i didnt find one rom that stable and that fully working like stock rom and when i try to flash stock rom back with internal scripts i got stuck in to boot loop or i got 0 sucess with working script (script was there but nothing hapeneds)....

So i search internet for solution to my problem and a copule days lather i find one little complicated but it is working... :D
it is 2.3.5 rom with stock kernel and without any on tweaks and other stuf....

So for all of u who want to have fully working ROM and who want to have little more internal storage i sugest to install this rom by my instructions:

1. download:    ROM:





2. Do a full wipe of your previus rom on phone and turn of phone and take out your sd card and now partition with any part. tool on pc with one fat32 (your storage) and ext2 (fake internal) (because stock rom recognizes only this ext partition). if u part first sd card and then do full wipe with her in phone it will change to other ext part and a2sd enabled will not work....

now u put rom inside sdcard and extract a2sd _enabler on root of sd card and put update.zip on root as well...

instal only rom and reboot youre phone.

3. When rom boots up u download from playstore busybox, terminal emulator, a2sd gui and update  superSU apk.



4. When u do all of that u need to first run supersu apk and update su binary thro cwm (when u start apk first time it will ask u to do that) and let them finish what he need..

then u run busybox apk and install it on /system/bin.

when all done u can run terminal and type this commands:

(typ them line by line)




cp /sdcard/a2sdenabler.sh /data/local/tmp/


chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/a2sdenabler.sh





5.And when it is done u can restart youre phone in cwm and simply go to install update.zip option and restart phone.


7. When phone boot up u go in a2sd gui go to darvik section and dut green dot to Darvik cache on SD-EXT and click Move!...


8. When phone boot up u will have fully working phone with big internal storage.....

Edit: if anyone want modern look on rom u can download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.calsto.jellybean.launcher
this launcher isnt laggy like holo but it is so close like him and it is nice looking...

it wasnt so hard..... :D




If u have questions ask in comment....
tnx to all devs who make this script work.....


edit: APN for mobile data u must typ by yourself it isnt automatic.... :)

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Guest WiiSky70

WOW . Is the community still kicking to this day ??? Good job for developers like you keeping this device alive ;)


Unfourtunately i moved from my old Monte Carlo to a new device in 2013 . It was a good 2 Year use out of this fantastic phone (Despite his poor CPU) .

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i sometimes think that i am alone on this forum... :D
i am not devolper i am just angry guy that have sick of other roms who crack and turn my phone off when someone calls me...

and this is what hapened :D  i make rom for my self, old and good to go to the end with more internal memory...

and i figured that isnt rocket sience like building rom form source for me and i did it.... :)

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Guest PoP*92

Status bat with power wigets missing because that is fully stock Rom without other addons... i wanted to have fully stck Rom for my android device...

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nope u didnt do nothing incorrect... i didnt make to do it propertly bcz i cant find any good kernel with ability to do swap internal memory. i find only corrupted files on internet.. if u can find any kernel who can do swap u can try to flash him in this rom. i only expand little internal memory with this rom. it isnt buggy and he didnt restart at all.

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Guest actu_8

Hi - I've installed the calsto Jellybean launcher. Looks good and is fast. My question is how to use the widgets functionality. When I select widgets, I get the 'add to home screen' menu and don't get much further.


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advice required
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