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[JB][4.2.2]SlimBean [27/05/2015]


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This ROM is AMAZING, but it has a MASSIVE FLAW..... after a few days of use, without notice, the ROM starts failing, and you think...  "A reboot should restore stability.." and then, infinite boot loop... It's such a shame, because its the greatest ROM so far for our device, but once that "this" happens... it ruins it all. And you can't save nothing, like your internet data meters or Whatsapp Chats or things like that.

I don't know if that's something about that "Huawei broke the device for working on JB 4.2.2" or something... don't remember where i read it.

So, enjoy the rom until that.

Cheers @srfarias , aside that, i love how this ROM works, while it works.

Yeah, i know all the issues that have this rom.. I need to compile it to fix all

But now I am totally focused and busy on lollipop, (and i don't have the slimbean sources downloaded xD)

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Guest ASergey

- Smartass v2 default governor
- Noop default

At the latest build this option not set as default. Frequency processor is reset to 1000 and not stored (1200 for G510). But all this solved using Kernel Adiutor.

This build is very wonderful

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Guest stefan8661

Deep sleep problem (with notifications) is present on every rom, i think its fault in wifi drivers... On mobile data notifications are instant so go to settings, wifi, advanced and check only when plugged in or never and u will have instant notifications. And do this only if u have unlimited or big data plan

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