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Honor 6+ & Custom Roms?

Guest jusumgeezer

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Guest jusumgeezer

So the recently released Honor 6+ is an great phone for the price. Build reminds me of Nexus 4/Sony Z styling.

8 Core processor & 3 gig ram. Cracking camera too. Not to mention the dual sim.

Has anyone else picked one of these up?

I got one on release day from 3 UK for £299 sim free, currently using with my 3 contract sim in slot 1 and a Tesco PAYG in slot 2 which i've set to have my calls forwarded to when I've no 3 signal.

Trouble is it is stuck on 4.4.2 I have the google now launcher installed but the emotion software still ruins ther overall experience.

There doesn't seem to be any activity over on XDA either as its mostly stuff for the 6 not the 6+ I know Paul currently has one but MCR doesnt seem to be around much these days :'(

Anyone else rocking one of these? Would you like to see a rom based on AOSP too?

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Guest Slymobi

Yep, all the above. Loving this phone and I have come from a nexus 4. Not sure if I'm in need of custom rom but I suspect the flashoholic will resurface in me soon !!

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