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GEM10313 inverted?

Guest jotaemept

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Hello everybody,


I need help but do not know if this will be the most convenient place to put this post. Excuse me if not.
I have a Tablet PC with Bravus brand, BRVQ750D model, which is apparently the same as Gemini GEM10313.
As I feel some problems in Bluetooth connection to an external device (eg pairing with a AirTurn), I tried to update the ROM with a version of Gemini, to see if the problem would be there.
I started by making a backup to SD-Card, via CWM and I updated the firmware.
The tablet works seamlessly with the tested ROM, but reversed.
With version "gem10313bk-rev2.20130509-1400.uk", the display shows up side down, the camera also, and the function of vol +/vol- buttons are also exchanged.
With version "gem10313bk-newtp.010613-0000", the display position is correct, but the touch-panel is placed in horizontal and vertical mirror.
To restore the initial situation, I return to backup I made, but the display panel is completely white.
I contacted the Bravus, but does not respond to my request for help. :angry:
There is someone here who can help me?
Thank You
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