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Odd power Problem

Guest ej2095

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Hi all


I have the hudl1


I turn it on it shows the powered by android screen, then a battery icon in middle of screen and turns off.


I put it on charge, same again but the charging battry stays on but does not charge??


Have done a reset in recovery and via the button at the back..


Am a little miffed with this


Any ideas please

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Is there any more history of what has happened with your hudl prior to this happening ie has it been rooted, you were trying a custom rom, using file explorer etc.

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Sometimes with these lithium batteries, they go below there safe discharge level.

This happened to me whilst coding in ubuntu. Thought it was game over.

The battery died. 

Left it plugged into the charger for atleast three hours before it decided it would start charging again.

It say's that its at 0% so shuts off but its at about 3% its a safety margin for the battery, but circuits fail from time to time.

Leave it plugged in for a while but keep an eye on it.

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