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ZTE Axon Pro

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Gets a little confusing again. There's ZTE Axon, ZTE Axon Pro, ZTE Axon Elite, and ZTE Axon Lux...

First thing to check is to see if your device has an unlocked bootloader. 'adb reboot bootloader' and see if it's accessible with fastboot ('fastboot devices') and does it accept any fastboot commands (e.g. simple 'fastboot reboot'). Unfortunately recent ZTE devices seem to come with locked/crippled bootloaders and ZTE doesn't provide any means to unlock them. Some devices even have nasty /system write protection in place.

There's probably no custom recovery images available for your device so someone needs to build one first. You'll at least need dump of the original recovery from your device or even better if there's factory firmware available on ZTE support site (there's one for regular Axon on their Chinese site). If you have to dump it from your device, you'll already need root to do that. In that case you'll have to rely on somewhat shady root exploits to achieve that first (not sure if those will work on your device).

In perfect world: download stock recovery image from vendor support site -> build custom recovery (or modify the stock one) -> flash/boot recovery image with fastboot -> flash SuperSU in recovery.

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