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Cyanogen OS what is it?

Guest hecatae

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Guest hecatae


What is Cyanogen OS?


An Open OS Built by the Users, for the Users

so states the Cyanogen OS website: https://cyngn.com/cyanogen-os

It features:

  • PIN Scramble: your lock screen digits will always be randomized, to stop someone guessing your pin
  • Themes: Mine is currently Christmas, with sleigh bell notification sound
  • AudioFX
  • Privacy Guard

And other features I have not discovered yet.

Cyanogen OS devices have official updates and support found here: https://cyngn.com/support

Out of the box, you are not rooted, and you have a locked bootloader. 

In an ideal world, this should be recognised by every android application, sadly due to poor coding by App developers worldwide who check for the word Cyanogen, you get notifications on your device that you are running a custom version of Android, and they cannot guarantee support.

If you do not want the stability of Cyanogen OS, and no longer want your 2 year warranty, you can unlock the bootloader using fastboot, this will wipe your device, and head down the path of installing CyanogenMOD, see https://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Install_CM_for_crackling

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