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Teclast X98 Air 3G dual-boot tablet test

Guest Yurias

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Guest Yurias


Recently a friend of mine looking for a Windows-based tablet. He fortunately he knew what kind of help you can expect from me. Kitapasztalta has been that if you want to buy a
device and has reviewed all home sale, you have approximately three times as much I'm going to propose to her Chinese. Fine poetic exaggeration now this has happened. He said he
did not want a lot of gadgets being such a devoted, so I care about what I think about the Chinese pieces, there is a suggestion. Of course it was. Much to my surprise, accept
my offer, because I could get him a small piece of the whole seemingly correct discount. Below you can read his report.

It has long been employed to think that I could replace my laptop because mine. Relatively traveling a lot, mostly by bus, where there is a picnic plate Strait to work.
Becipelni do not like school, because it is hard and a lot of space, in a word, is not practical. Be sure to structure something small I needed. First, I am looking in between
netbooks, but they caught it. Then came the "folded" two, three at the same time a lot of the other of them not included in the move, which was meant for this purpose. Finally,
it began to take shape that this will surely tablet. But how? Android, Windows, or iOS?

Since the first work to be drawn to the windows of my heart, because you do not need to give up the familiar programs. But I read that the street is not exactly the best choice
for use without the Android is much more manageable peripherals, and last but not least the millions of applications I can do almost everything.

Then came the solution, I came across a great novelty of the Chinese: Android + Windows dual-booting tablets. After a long fórumozgatás I realized that this will be a tool for
me. Shortlist Teclast of the company fell x98 Air 3G model, because many people have praised the quality of their assets.

Immediately I ordered from pandawill.com , and surprisingly quickly was delivered, I was in less than two weeks.

The packaging was correct, the machine was one cardboard box container, not just mailed the usual plastic bag.

The box outside the machine and USB OTG cable, user manual and garijegy Chinese language, as well as a 2.5 Amp AC adapter heads housed. The latter, unfortunately, American
standard, conversion was not added.


First hand view of the handset is also surprisingly got a feeling. 536 grams of plastic does not make you feel a crappy game, but not even disturbingly difficult. The assembly
is really high quality, the connections are almost no notice taken, the back rigid, will not bend, do not be pushed. And that surprised me: it is made of metal! At first, hard
to say, because it's pretty weird machined, grainy effect. However, the front panel connector of fine-finished. A matter of taste, so I will not come into the granular design,
but it's definitely a positive effect on minőségérzetre the presence of metal.


Seen from the front almost one-to-one iPad Air (probably from the name), only difference is the front camera positioning, and that there are no buttons on the front panel.

The glass-covered front panel, but unfortunately not Gorilla Glass. Although I write the test has not yet been found on any piece of scratches but in any case I'm going to get
him into a window film. The fingerprints are collected as usual, on the back, however, it does not remain absolutely no sign of fogdosásnak.

On the left side you find the power and volume adjustment keys and the SIM and micro SD card slot on bottom micro USB, micro HDMI and audio output jack (!) Is housed. On the
right side and bottom we find nothing, in addition to a plastic items in the sheet metal back, certainly put in the 3G and wi-fi antennas.


Speaking of SIM and micro SD: dual-booting version 64GB EMMC memory mounted on the manufacturer's selling what we like micro SD card slot. That is almost like with: Under
Android max. 64GB card can handle a 128 GB under Windows no problem.

The name suggests SIM card to be able to bet on the machine, so you never need to miss from the Internet.

Now we come to another major strength of the machine. The manufacturer claims that the display on a one-Airből raised over the iPad because it has a 9.7 "Retina-inch (2048 x
1536) resolution IPS panels we are dealing with, which is 264 ppi value. Suddenly ten fingers can detect the colors do not invert the viewing angle increases, however, the
brightness is somewhat reduced. I do not know how he got to the Teclast these displays, dropped to the lorry etc, but I honestly do not care. Beautiful, bright and sharp image
on the computer. After a few hours of use I was looking at a FullHD monitor my ...

The külsőről

System screenshots

Game screenshots


You could say the usual Windows tablet with iron can now meet Intel Bail Trail Atom processor Z3736F 4 core, 2.14 GHz maximum Turbo clock speed, the seventh-generation HD
Graphics Graphics Accelerators (1 GB video memory). 2 GB DDR3 RAM, the processor can only handle so much. My version of a Kingston 64GB EMMC module arrived but reportedly also
the Teclast multi-vendor, so a matter of luck to get out of it what kind. Is there anyway to 32 GB version, Android is correct, but the two systems together certainly does not
fit it. I think the division of space is quite miserably failed: 34.3 Giga received only on Windows, while Android fifteen times can I download the Modern Combat Art, the
remains of 21 gigából. The mystery as to where the remaining nine out of 64 giga. I do not know what he meant by the manufacturer when he invented many things but not enough for
Windows hosting. Some programs, 1-2 game and immediately sold out. The situation somewhat improved, some programs that are willing to be installed on the SD card, but in many
cases it is not allowed. Probably it could be due to the sd card and do not really see as a mass storage memory as.


A communications perspective can not complain: n and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, 3G.

The wifi antenna receives the signal slightly weaker than average, sometimes dropping to the network, so you may want to sit closer to the router. Make no mistake, it is not
useless, but my phone can surf the web smoothly even where the tablet already give up.

GPS could not get it to work during the test period. I left to look for a signal for more than 40 minutes, but a satellite is not connected. There is probably not configured to
Europe and China are trying to search. I contacted the manufacturer in this regard, they hope to offer solutions to the situation.

The Bluetooth works correctly, can be connected to multiple devices at the same time, quickly find the others. Unfortunately BT mouse, the keyboard has not been occasion to try,
but I do not think that anything would be wrong. When they arrive, I update my article about the experience.

3G: The machine adopts normal size SIM cards, GSM 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz and 2100MHz WCDMA channels can communicate. In Hungary, all service on the 2100 MHz 3G spray is why this
will not be a problem. Telekom and Vodafone card also tried anything I did not experience problems. Android did not have to adjust anything after loading approx. I thought for
half a minute, then I could browse the web without any problem. During the Windows taskbar contacts show a Cellular tab, you can connect to the 3G service here.

On the front is a 2 megapixel one at the back is a 5 megapixel autofocus camera. I think not to say that the quality is very poor. Tablet-anyway typical of the excellent photo
quality, this is no different. Very noisy in low light the pictures, the situation is slightly better in daylight. The front camera skype calls appropriate, but it is not likely
we will szelfizni.


The USB port supports OTG, too. The 32GB pen drive without my problem is handled at high speed under Windows NTFS and FAT formatting method is in principle only FAT32 supported
by Android, but little can be trükközéssel NTFS support.

The HDMI port also had no chance to even try because they do not arrived as of this writing the cable.

Sensors in no great abundance: but gyroscopes are installed, light and proximity sensor did not, I would not say I missed it. Maybe automatic brightness could use, but can live
without it running smoothly. The automatic screen rotation works in all directions in both systems. Pivoting a moment to think of the machine, especially under Windows. I can
not decide if this is something you want to be simplicity, animation, or stuck, or to eliminate accidental direct delayed pan, but you get used to it.

At the bottom of the back two speakers fortunately found the right place, it's hard to capture them accidentally. Speak loud enough, however, tend to distort at high volumes, do
not look for deeply. Jacken very correct sound quality. Sennheiser CX 3:00 headset I tested, nice dynamic sound. Here we are in deep right, the details are not lost.

Windows experiences

First, to state that surpassed my expectations. Hind've read about this, especially how much resolution display will power, it expected to elguglizgatok it, maybe some paint, 1
-2 film, and so will be able to play old. But I do not!

I held her more of how Windows will reconcile the two gigs of RAM, but somehow always solve. Utilization rates above 85% have not noticed, probably skillfully treats the lapozóf

The machine-Win10 has nearly arrived, even though the site was sold oversees 8.1. It was a pleasant surprise on the one hand, on the other hand I was a bit sad because I wanted
to write a comparative test during the two systems.

It installed the 32-bit version Within that, although the processor supports 64-bit systems. This caused some annoyance, not a program, refused to be installed on 32-bit system,
up to trükköztem well. Including SolidWorks and Inventor or that would have been very curious about what they know. Not many languages are available: There are three kinds of
English and Chinese input mode, but fortunately there are Hungarian.

Overall the whole, surprisingly nimble in the system startup approx. During up to 20 seconds. Basic Tasks never kottyannak him to quickly open to all, nothing breaks. An HDD
mounted laptop think beyond whatever system speed. The EMMC module does its job well, based speed test between memory cards and SSDs, but in daily use there is almost no
difference in speed between the SSD and laptop and tablet.


Lengthy testing, I tried to try all sorts of programs that kitapasztaljam its limits. A general Benchmark test is finished PassMark Software, see pictures. The score was
sometimes ridiculously low, but when used not as noticeable difference.

Some full-featured Windows desktop application tests:

Photoshop CS6 (32-bit)

It installed without any problems relatively quickly by the starts and stops during operation either. Even the filters and effects can be quickly saved to the pictures. The only
problem with it was that I set despite the smaller display resolution for the PS surface was the same tiny, sometimes had a magnifying glass, so you can read what the buttons.
That was the program, which could sweat the ram, 3-4 images at once opened plenty of capacity utilization was above 80%. But never did not collapse, the operating speed has not
decreased significantly. So he took a loose machine.

Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate (32-bit)

The deployment lasted for quite some time, as the first start, but then there was no problem. Larger projects loaded relatively quickly, not caught in code writing, thinking to
yourself when you debug-ordination. So the programmers are not afraid to take, plenty of VS can be used on the machine.

Microsoft Office 2013

There is nothing to talk about, such as a desktop computer. <5 seconds will open the program, fast, smooth all. Let's just say this is not a machine killer package ...

SolidWorks and Inventor

I tried many versions until 2012-2016, but were unable to come to terms with the 32-bit system, not even settled. But I was very curious.

Adobe Acrobat

In the longer he thought about it when scrolling PDFs, you-have stalled. It was basically when creating agile. Foxit Reader for PDF files of more proven, more agile.


By riogattak to 2-3 full hd video can be killed in this hardware Chrome. I have never experienced anything like this, 4-5 video went smoothly in sync with each other, and while
I facebook page or even 4-5 was open. True, the ram their normally, but worked smoothly, there were no fagyogatások. In fact not even caught up to Chrome PS + combo on it, it
would have been the level for sure, but a reasonable load was not a problem.



Now I was really curious about this, the video control public could become a weak piece. Not to say that it could play with it more seriously, but can be used for basic graphic
things running smoothly, even I can deal some serious it is at an acceptable level. For each game submitted to the Max I tried to get the hardware so that it can be played even
flee to quality.

Age of Empires II

Actually, there is no question that ran to, obviously, yes, but as one of my favorite games I still thought I mention. Similarly, the three Heroes, The Sims Complete Collection
1 and GTA San Andreas went loosely. So the real retro games will not be a problem.

Sims 4

A relatively new game, is it not too much equipment needs. Minimum settings went 50-60 FPS value, medium-strong graphic was 20-22 FPS is the end, where he remained playable.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

Minimal settings was only willing to run at a reasonable rate (20 FPS), but at least he went.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

1440x1050 resolution, standard settings correct speed ran away.

Mirror's Edge

Medium resolution with minimal detail, with smaller breaks were played.

Recent titles so far have not had time to test, but I can imagine that a minimum of settings némelyikkel handle.

In sum: very hangs during daily use, the location of the machine, nimble, smooth. Most of the usual Windows programs seamlessly moves, compromises can be used to play. A major
drawback, however, 32-bit systems.

Android Experiences

The Android 5.0 tablet Lollipoppal received, the Teclast own launcherével. This is very similar to MIUI solving, applications are kezdőképernyőkön, no App Drawer. Otherwise, we
are facing a completely factory system. The design works for me, pretty clean. Of course, all this smoothly replace downloaded from Play Store Launcher. Speaking Play Store:
Although the Chinese instrument, installed in stores arrived, it was immediately after login to use Google, it's definitely a good point.

Factory applications off the bat you should delete them entirely Chinese speakers. Some are news reader, resource monitoring, file manager, etc. Baidu. Fortunately, no system
applications, without the deleted root settings.

The system speed is not a problem, everything is running smoothly, obviously good for the two gigs of RAM. There is also an official OTA application, I hope you will slowly
upgrade, because there is certainly 1-2 bug in the system. Several times it happened that suddenly caught himself and started again, or turn on the display.

Benchmark tests





The hardware is powerful enough to cope with even the most serious games, I tested each title max settings without falling behind ran (Real Racing 3, Ganstar Vegas, Batman,
Modern Combat 5).


I held the little old rumors that x86 platform for many applications refused to run, or has serious performance problems. Fortunately, it appears this is a problem in the past,
I tried every application has started and could not find a worse performance than the telephone.

The rootolást I have not been able to bring together, I tried several methods. Something happened because a Chinese Superuser app installed, but there is virtually no root
access, so only the Chinese have another app. But I think that I could have been rootolva gps bütykülni the config file and operation could possess ... I hope soon to be
operational methods.

Akksi, Temperatures, summary

8500 mAh battery manufacturers love of the machine, so Combos enough battery life expectancy. Use the factory charger approx. It can be recharged in about 3.5 hours from 10% of
the device.

On display were continuously under Android Benchmark tests and games to run on for WiFi, 60% brightness, so heavily loaded quite managed to produce seven hours of battery life.
The good news is that night came only 3%, mixed use 10-11 hour time display also managed to do. And the energy-saving mode has not even used it.

A night and see a busy period also in the picture.


Under Windows a little more immersed in the handset, it is also under load approx. 5 hours of continuous operating time can be achieved. Energy-saving mode, brightness minimum
8-9 hours of mixed usage can be expected.

In Windows, the maximum temperature of what I achieved during exercise was 71 ° C. On the back I could not really feel moderately warm'd say, but definitely not boiling hot.
The heat dissipation seems pretty well taken care, throttling was not observed. Android and even less during the heats, 3 hours after Real Racing 3 was only lukewarm backing,
the CPU temperature was 47 ° C.

To sum up everything, an unusually correct grade from the Chinese (both inside and outside each) managed to take the tablet Teclastnak. Each of the components come from known
manufacturers, it shows it. He lived up to my expectations, so pleased to recommend it to anyone who has similar requirements.

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