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Ubuntu for hudl

Guest colzilla

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Guest colzilla

Hi all,

this is ubuntu mate 15.10 wily OS  for the hudl using the framebuffer and hardware. not a vncserver.

no flashing nothing to recovery

no potentially destroying your device..unless u mess up partitions

its still a chroot but half in half out of the jail.

can use a .img file or dedicate a sdcard. ill post both instructions.

any questions??

yes this takes a while to complete.....

things you need to do this.

a pc with ubuntu - havent tried this with fedora,arch,backtrack!? so yh use ubuntu.

a tesco hudl - obviously!  

my particular hudl specifics.

[ro.board.platform]: [rk30xx]
[ro.build.version.sdk]: [17]
[ro.hardware]: [rk30board]
[ro.product.brand]: [hudl]
[ro.product.manufacturer]: [Tesco]
[ro.product.model]: [Hudl HT7S3]
[ro.product.mtp.model]: [Hudl]
[ro.product.name]: [ht7s3]
[ro.revision]: [0]



Full credit to those developers for there hard work!

busybox   >> playstore

terminal  >> playstore

needs root

file manager with root access


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Guest colzilla

Open up a terminal on you're ubuntu machine.

sudo gparted

get a sdcard any  size from 8G upwards. were going to create a partition for the linux os to reside in.
i brought one just for ubuntu. if you have stuff on it already..your call with what to do with that stuff..
repartitioning will delete the stuff so back it up if you need. on the pc maybe?
plug the micro-sdcard into the pc.. its probably best to use an adapter, rather than the device.
in gparted ,the top right corner you will see a drop down box
mine says  
/dev/sda  (298.09)  thats my hard drive.  
/dev/sdf    (7.41)   thats my sdcards address.    (dev/sdf)

select youre sdcard from the list.
Remove sdcard and press ctrl+r to refresh gparted devices.
check the drop down box to see what id has disapeared.
insert sdcard once again and refresh and check devices.
make sure you choose your sdcard!
I cannot stress enough how important that is. if you mess up its youre own fault.

now in the big box across the middle, right click it.
select delete. that will wipe everything on the sdcard.
now, at the top it says partition.
create new and choos msdos.
at the top is a green tick. click it.
now you have a reformatted sdcard.
once again right click the now greyed out big box.
choose new
create a 500MB fat32 partion. i named mine sdcard1
this allows the hudl to read the sdcard and just think its a 500mb card. if you have a bigger card make the fat32 bigger if you like.
now make a ext4 partition. i named it hubuntu
the ext4 is after the fat32 one..this is where your linux os will live.
click the green tick to create.
you should now have a gparted screen looking similar to this.....


exit gparted.
in terminal type


this is what mine says.

/dev/sda1: UUID="34d12436-9d19-4e64-b24f-ceeeeac2377f" TYPE="ext4"
/dev/sda5: UUID="dfe9a71b-c42c-4c54-b073-daa995080595" TYPE="swap"
/dev/sdf1: LABEL="SDCARD1" UUID="3547-3B4B" TYPE="vfat"
/dev/sdf2: LABEL="hubuntu" UUID="f9fe1ae4-09c7-4193-bd13-89a948613be8" TYPE="ext4"

as you see the sdcard (/dev/sdf) has TWO partitions. /dev/sdf1 & /dev/sdf2
unmount the ext4/hubuntu partition - mine was mounted at   /dev/sdf2
change /dev/sdf2 to what your sdcard linux partitions called.

sudo umount /dev/sdf2

change directory to home ##

cd ~/

now create a folder, this is where we will remount the sdcard.

mkdir hubuntu         

        mount the hubuntu/ext4 partition on the hubuntu folder.

sudo mount -o loop /dev/sdf2 ./hubuntu

now we need to install some software to create the file tree.

sudo apt-get install debootstrap qemu-user-static qemu-system git gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf binfmt-support

once done clear the screen


now enter (if you wanna use a different OSversion change "wily" according to the name of the distro...trusty,presice etc.....were using hardfloat for the armv7

HOSTNAME=ubuntu-armhf sudo debootstrap --variant=minbase --foreign --arch armhf wily ./hubuntu

copy the qemu binary.

sudo cp /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static ./hubuntu/usr/bin/

once done unmount the sdcard.

sudo umount ./hubuntu

put the card into the hudl.



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