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LeEco / LeTV Le1 - X600 - Info / Software / Custom Roms

Guest dakok

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Thanks Paul for opening a dedicated LeEco / LeTV forum! 

Many of the Coolpad F1 owners - Modaco members switched to this great device recently so it makes a sense to

start a new topic in a familiar place, among familiar folks. 

This post will be frequently updated with a lot of useful stuff as it was for Coolpad F1...


Work in Progress:

Official website 
Official website - India (LeEco 1s)

Stock rom download
Stock rom download - Baidu Drive (wide choice of E and S releases)

Bug list - version sorted

Basic Stuff (Drivers -> TWRP recovery -> Root):



Use latest PDAnet and latest Mediatek drivers - How to resolve Windows 8 & 10 driver issues

2) RECOVERY (stock / custom)

1. Download TWRP recovery (by Xancin) to your PC: LINK 
2. Unpack zip  
3. Connect X600 to PC, pull notification curtain down and select Connect as Media Device, USB debugging is enabled (Settings > About Phone > Tap 7 times on Build number; back to Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging) 
4. Back to PC - go to unpacked archive and start Instalador_recovery
5. You'll se a window opens at PC, wait a while then press any key to continue. A window will open at your phone - confirm the message. If the phone is recognized, keep on and TWRP recovery will         be installed. 
5a. If you want to revert to stock recovery (in case you want OTA updates) the procesure is the same except for using this file.

We accept OTA upgrade if there is stock recovery and stock ROM installed. If you don't have stock (original) ROM or recovery, you shouldnt accept OTA upgrade. 
(note - I managed to flash 36E stock rom (complete) through TWRP recovery)

If you flash Chinese TWRP without english interface, install TWRP Theme Manager and use a theme you like - you'll get UI in English :)
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... nager.main
(didn't try this but it should work)


If your phone is not recognized at PC sideand won't connect - use these: 

- PdaNet drivers Reset PC after installation!
- Tested drivers Reset PC after installation!

Link to gapps, drivers, SuperSU root, TWRP and 005E rom


SuperSU v2.52 Beta 

1. Transfer SuperSU zip to phone memory
2. Start TWRP recovery: Press vol + power or go to Update app at phone and find the option there
3. Select INSTALL 
4. Select SuperSU zip
5. Pull the slider just below swipe 
6. Wait for it abnd when its over - Reboot to System (if it freezes now, hold the power button for 15 seconds).

Another way to root is - RootJoy

Tutorial by Rista (Rom + Gapps + TWRP recovery):


Stock 008s rom - download S1_x600-CN-OP-ABXCNOP5500811161S-5.5.008S and move it to phone (not inside a folder)

Transfer this files, too:
Google Apps Google aps
Drivers - Install drivers and restart PC
China TWRP - This goes to PC desktop (you may want to find another TWRP version)

Go to phone -> about phone -> keep tapping on version uintil you get developer mode note, back one step -> developer mode switch on usb debugging.
Connect the phone to PC and wait a bit. Go to PC desktop at unpacked TWRP and start recovery.bat. Window will open, press enter and you'll be in fastboot mode. Wait a while and press enter and enter again after a while. Recovery is transferred to PC now and when it's over press the enter. Window will disappear and the phone will ener into recovery.

Recovery will have Chinese UI but there's no problem in using the familiar interface. Go to an arrow in upper left corner and go two windows back - you'll have the main menu window. 
Second option from top - Enter wipe then the option on the right side and select data,cache,system i dalvik. Do the wipe then go one step back and to first option from above. Select your stock 008s rom, confirm the selection and the rom will be installed. Now phone should reboot to eUI rom (if recovery freezes hold the power button for more than 10 seconds). You are in eUI rom now. Find English language in settings and repeat USB debugging procedure. Connect the phone and find TWRP folder ther. Make folder theme inside it and move this UI.zip theme inside.
When you reboot the phone you'll have english UI. Now you may enter it from the phone, through Updater app -> settings. Go to recovery and install SuperSu. Select Wipe Cache after installation and restart. The same procedure is for flashing Google Apps. 

Official Recovery Tool (China) - here pass: dsdv (not tested)

[ROM] Multilanguage 009s by BB72  with aroma installer and extras (in Italian)

TWRP versions:

Preffered recovery is TWRP, use as a second choice
TWRP - TWRP in English, easy installation through ADB

TWRP and stock recovery - Link
If stock recovery will still remain after TWRP flashing, delete Android/data/com.letv.android.ota/files/update.zip and repeat the procedure (didn't try)
Another tip is to, after recovery flashing, power off the phone, don't boot to eUI but hold together vol+ and power and enter the TWRP.

Troubles with TWRP installation? - Try this guide

For those who won't change stock recovery and won't need root here's how to install Google Apps (Gapps)
and freeze uneccessary China apps with ease:

Install Google Apps (Gapps) - through a simple installation (tested - In Croatian, with images)
Another Gapps install guide (didn't test)
Debloater - block / freeze / remove China apps (tested) - Will Translate
Blocked apps in Debloater - LeEco forum sample

IR remote -  Quick guide - Will Translate

Various guides (in Chinese):


eUI OS Themes by Cricolo at Androidiani forum

Forums: (tell me if some missing here):


Custom roms:

MIUI v7.1.3.0 by bobN (the first custom rom (MIUI) with stock IR remote app)

  download download

You can find many custom roms at forums listed above (4PDA, HDblog, LeTV Re, XDA...)

China sources (besides china forums):
- RomZJ 
- RomZhijia 

Fixes, hacks and patches:

IR Remote and Mute switch for MIUI rom (if you don't have one) - tnx rista!

Mute button patch + Another source (confirmed to work in Miui and AOSP)

Whatsapp / Viber notifications - late arrival

Show SIM contacts - Settings -> down to App Settings -> Contacts -> Show ... SIM

Switch off the mobile frequencies you don't use - Dial  *#*#3646633#*#* and tick off those you don't need

WiFi info and hardware "fix", WiFi deep sleep hack

A way to wake x600 from coma

IMEI fix, SMS fix

Video recording (audio "fix" for 009s rom and fixed brightness tip)

Stock Launcher with "solved" Live dock icon by BB72

Dedicated Energy consumption topic at 4PDA and LeTV.re

Fix irregular brightness changes in engineer mode

TWRP recovery flash through Flash Tool - Caution! - See Here

SPflashtool - Here -> TWRP Scatter map

Start SP_Flash_Tool - select lines: 
Download Agent -> MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin (folder FT) 
Scatter-loading -> MT6795_Android_scatter.txt (from the above folder TWRP-SKATTER) 
In the window below this line (bottom left) -> Download Only 
Select recovery only!
After TWRP recovery flashing flash the rom through recovery...
Check the original guide before flashing - Here

Stock rom 002s, Flash Tool, Gapps, Root and other stuff - Here

Dismantle, screen replacement and spare parts (shops):
SIM card slot
Back cover with antenna - white / gray

General Windows 10 driver installation guide (in Chinese)

Type-C to micro USB adapter very cheap but a good product - nice if you want to charge phone with standard cable / charger



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LeEco will be selling in large numbers these days in India. There are over 500 service centers opened in 

bigger cities. Over 300.000 devices (Le 1s and Max) were reserved during first five days.

Indian rom has no China apps nor middle Live button (which is good :)) and here you can 

expect to see it very soon -> Indian LeEco / LeTV 1s eUI rom

Since LeTV One and 1S are very similar devices, we can expect that there will be a

x600 (LeTV One) release based on Indian LeTV 1s phone.

(for those who are slightly confused - LeTV is LeEco now)

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It's nice to hear that I'm not the only one owner of X600 who had Coolpad F1 too :D

Are you able to port kernel features like IR, mute switch or tap2wake to AOSP ROM? ;)

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No way 

I am good at collecting info and maybe make a rom or two from recovery backups...

We have here at least 5 forum members with both phones (or waiting for one) and kouskous might do

some serious stuff (as he promised) 

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There are several custom roms - AOSP, MIUI and Flyme.

The main problem with them is a missing IR remote support.

Anyway this phone has a nice perspective:

Mickvip and Kouskous are waiting for it to be delivered soon and we will see some nice stuff from 

them, I hope.

Indian version of LeTV 1s (x507) is being delivered to customers right now so we can expect

a port of Indian rom to x600 soon.

You can expect the support from me, jake, rista, saša and majkel, too :D


EDIT: It seems that there will be a download of new x507 rom build on 21st February


I just had a word with Letv customer care. A professional guy took my call he was so patient heard all my queries then gave me a soultion. An ota update will be hitting on 21feb so stay tuned. Charge your phone only when it reaches 5 to 10%. He said give mobile some time to settle down it will surely show some good battery results also fast charging starts to work. It is the only reason to pump such heat. He told me as soon as phone hits 40degrees the thermal activates. It won't allow you to go beyond as metal used is of high quality. He gave me a code *#*#4636#*#* to check exact temp reading under battery option. Dnt rely on other apps. So all our prblms will be solved by 21 feb.


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For those who want a simple root - Kingroot app gives you root access through simple installation (tested).

Unroot is simple - you just select that in app settings (for those who want to have OTA update available again)

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Which rom do you, guys, think has the best sound/volume combination?

Currently, I don't own a good set of headphones, but BT output is terrible with my car. Even with the Dolby atmos volume leveler, sound is pretty low. I'm running latest BB72 mod

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3 hours ago, dakok said:

BTW - I didn't get it that you too have x600!

Yeah, well, I accidentally dropped a dumbbell over it so it looks like those "bend-gate" iphones.

I don't konw if it's beyond repair, because the phone actually works fine except for the screen obviously. 

Thanks for the links. I was refering to the Bluetooth output through my car stereo. Default-volume is super low

I'm checking out Gionee's Elife E8 stock rom, which is also x10, to see if I can make something like those Jpower sound patches for the Coolpad

Edited by 77chedu
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Dear friends from russian forum 4PDA managed to implement LeTV IR remote app into MIUI rom:

MIUI v7.1.3.0 stable by bobN



List of changes 


Changes with respect to the initial insertion 


1. Modified boot.img. On permanent Permissive mode (verified through the terminal or installing SELinuxMode Changer) 

2. There is also a script from the folder support system \ etc \ init.d. You can put back the scripts by assigning permissions 755. (after installation Test.log text file will appear in the data folder. This means that the scripts work.) Both functions are useful, for example, when installing ViperFX, at least. 

3. Reduced level of warning of low battery to 4% instead of 15% runoff 

4. Reduced wait time when selecting sim cards to call from 8 to 4 seconds -th -x. 

5. Activated MiraVision hidden feature in the Settings \ Display. 

6. Implemented Root (superuser) by SuperSU .Prigoditsya for Titanium Backup, at least. When you run the application you need to update the SU binary only by OK (not through TWRP!) And in the application settings checkbox to remove the check box in the Create a roll separation of space. 

7. Integrated additional software RootExplorer and LeTV-Remote (on the Rights of the system). 

8. Settings \ More ... \ For developers introduced three service menu MTC Engineering, Test, and MIUI Information. 

9. ClearMotion function is activated. 

10. Settings \ Sound and vibration made separate volume control and notification tones. 

11. Made 24 step volume control levels for all streams. 

12. Auto-Brightness is disabled when you first load and elevated levels of brightness by 25% relative to the default. 

13. By default, the check box is turned on Unknown sources in Settings \ More ... \ privacy for the convenience of installing third-party software. 

14. adjustments to the "Mobile network" was renamed "the SIM card and mobile networks" 

15. Removed annoying BEEP when you change the volume rocker. 

16. Implemented Advanced reboot menu. 

17. Slightly modified boot animation. 

18. Rotate the SMS application to landscape mode when you write a new SMS. 

19. Added keyboard Experia TM from Sony. 

20. Long names of contacts made in 2 lines in the terminals, and at incoming \ outgoing to the dialer. 

21. Replaced MiuiVideo app from previous versions (without virus). 

22. The package of icons borrowed from MiuiPro. 

23. Tab Settings \ More ... supplemented icons (in MiuiPro style). 

24. By default, the traffic limit is made without restrictions. 

25. Long tap on the icon of the Internet in the switch panel leads to the choice of the type of network. 

26. Introduced weather app from a reputable Burgerz WeatherBZ plus a sink. Weather Widget screen lock halved in height and no longer overlaps the unlock key!. To use the widget you must enter in your application and configure location. 

27. Changed the animation off the screen. The old TV style is used. If the screen blanking transition occurs in Jun. / Bel. image compression of the last image to the center of the screen. 

28. Posted in Settings \ Sound and Vibration Noise string to disable the second microphone

29. Substituted stock browser with the version without china letters and Google / Yandex search used now. 

30. According to the instructions made by urix2003 - treatment of microphone bug after the video shoot. 

31. Needless to unlock the app Topics - maybe install third-party themes and their components, as well as the download is not free from Xaomi servers. 

32. Added LBE applications and Explorer360 - they need to activate LBE compass Just run the application and uncheck "Active Protection" let him work out his execution.. Compass then running (of course it is necessary to calibrate the movement of the sign infinity ...). Activate LBE necessary after each restart for the compass or bring the application in "Avtozagrzka". 

Startup is on the way: Tools (application to stol) -Resolution-Startup


Thanks to the чердак  - for the activation of the so-anticipated features of the phone - IR app and mute switch 

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Tnx 77chedu!

Stuff added to OP:

- Stock Launcher with "solved" Live dock icon by BB72

- Dedicated Energy consumption topic at 4PDA

- Fix for irregular brightness changes in engineer mode

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Many thanks for setting up this thread Dakok!



I currently have a Coolpad F1 and picked up an X600 on the jd.com offer.


Just waiting for it to come through in the next few days.

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Nice to see you here too. 

A tip for using the camera:

Hold the finger on screen while preparing to shoot a photo.

You'll have two circles then.

- Drag away one of them to select a desired brightness.

- Drag away another circle to select a point where you want a sharp area.

Now you can separately select sharpness and brightness without each influencing another.

This is particularly nice for sharpening a scene detail since there won't be an unwanted change in brightness.

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Could this one be the indian stock rom?


EDIT: Nevermind, I couldn't check it, because the rar file asks for a password

EDIT: Ok, password provided on the link. It seems like a legit rom, but build.prop is set to russian localization, kinda weird. So it's either multilanguage or a mod by someone over at 4pda ( I presume)

"ro.build.description=full_x500-user 5.0.2 DHXOSOP5500801182S 74 release-keys"

Rom has root and gapps

Edited by 77chedu
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The first rom release for x507 (the only one by now as far as I know) is 008s and the build is

DHXOSOP5500801131S - Underlined numbers mean: 13th January 

The one from your post doesn't have CN letter code too so it definitely isn't China phone firmware.


OK, it's the x507 rom from LeEco India forum presented few days ago but the build number is not the same one
that was present on first YT videos from India.

The rom you found is:

DHXOSOP5500801182S - Underlined numbers mean: 18th January

So it's a newer indian x507 rom release

My phone firmware (x600) in stable build 009s was:

China stable rom 008s for X500 
DBXCNOP5500811172S - 5.5.008S

SS from the India phone video:


The difference between India and China rom is in lettering: CN is for China and OS is for India

Device dependent build numbering:

LeTV One (x600) starts with A - ABX 

LeTV 1s (x507) starts with D - DHX
LeTV 1s (x500) starts with D - DBX

I didn't figure out yet what 1S and 2s in build code means :)


Locale set to RU might mean that someone was playing with x500 custom roms,

LeEco stuff from India or the guy who gave the first SP flashable x507 stock rom :D

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Well some other lines on the build.prop suggest that there's a HK branch


If so, it might also could be a x600 HK branch as well

I've passed the link to some people with a x500, to pull some apps out of the rom and check if they're multilanguage 

Rom the definetively seems legit, becuase I've played aroun with it with the amazing Superr's kitchen and it looks like a x507 rom allright

Edited by 77chedu
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I have TWRP 2860 installed and I would like to upgrade to TWRP 2870.

I'm using the method here : http://www.letv.re/topic/41-recovery-twrp-2860-english-2870-chinese-2871-chinese-letv-1-x600-16gb-and-32gb-version-tested/

It's the same one I used when I first installed TWRP 2860.

When I use recovery.bat it detects my phone as hermes and it says "Your phone is not recognised" and basically everything stops there.

Has anyone ever encountered such a problem ?

I'm running Windows 7 x64

Thanks !

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Just try installing the recovery.img with mobileuncle. But you don't need to upgrade TWRP. I would wait for an usable 3.0. The russians seems to have already a 3.0, but not without some problems from what I can understand using google translator

That hermes thing is probably caused by a custom (xiaomi ported) rom

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I didn't have much chance to choose, because I needed a terminal and I got a reasonable prize for it with a next day shipping

If you can get a good deal and need the upgrade, go ahead. Check other options nonetheless 

As far as software goes, you won't find as many options as the F1. 

Stock rom runs reasonably well; ram usage is higher than you might expect, but I suspect it has something to do with the android version rather than just a "heavy" ui implementation. As a bonus, letv streamings are actually pretty good. Last night I watched the GRAMMYs for a spell through the stock music player with superb quality

I really don't care for MIUI roms, but some people seem to be pretty happy with some multilanguage ports

I haven't tried any AOSP rom yet, but all of them seem to be ported from ports to x10 xiaomi devices. As far as I know the only x10 terminal that actually has an AOSP like rom is the elephone Vowney, but there're still no direct ports that I'm aware of



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