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Can't get into flash mode

Guest Rackers

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Guest Rackers

Can anybody help me get into flash mode?

I've tried holding volume up and pressing the reset pin but nothing happens, the screens goes black and then goes back to battery charging screen.

Is there any trick to getting it into flash mode as I just can't do it?



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Guest colzilla

hello mate,

its rubbish when nobody replys! lol

heres the "Button commnds" 

power off the hudl.

hold the volume down button  (closest to power button) +  power button....    recovery mode.

hold the pinhole button+volume down press power button.... screen will STAY BLANK thats loader mode. it will reboot within a few seconds if it doesnt detect a usb connection.

hope that helps.

EDIT:   plug in the usb press and hold the pin hole + volume down + power release all three....just checked lol

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