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Theme: Spectrum Pure (can use as a base theme)

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest PaulOBrien

I had created a new theme for our Honor 7s (and the Honor 5X), Spectrum Pure.

Spectrum Pure is simple - it takes the stock theme, Spectrum, and removes the odd icon backgrounds and the customised icons. This is not actually as simple as it sounds - the stock 'icons' file on the Honor 7 containts 1641 customised icons (yes, you read that right)! Since these are on the system partition and can't be changed, I wrote a custom script to download the stock icons for these apps from the Play Store for integration into theme, giving apps their proper icons back. Phew!

Install by copying to /sdcard/HWThemes as usual and apply using the 'Themes' app.

I've included a couple of screenshots below so you can see the difference. Theme developers, if you'd like to use this theme as a basis for your own, feel free.

Enjoy! :)


Screenshot_2016-02-23-16-44-02.png.151d1 Screenshot_2016-02-23-16-44-07.png.90937

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