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Here's how to configure adoptable storage on your S7 / S7 Edge

Guest PaulOBrien

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How can I undo this process?

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Guest earnestattempts

Alex h, I got that same error and then I figured out that I put a space after the colon in "sm partition disk:179,32 private" and there shouldn't be one.  Just in case this helps uhh, 9 months later or helps someone else who found their way here to find a solution.

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Guest Tim Lim

Hi Paul, I have a Galaxy A7 (2015) Android version 6.0.1. I got to here but it didn't format at all,

I:\Software\Samsung\fastboot>adb shell
[email protected]:/ $ sm list-disks
[email protected]:/ $ sm partition disk:179,64 private
[email protected]:/ $

Here is some additional info,

1|[email protected]:/ $ sm list-volumes
private mounted null
public:179,65 mounted 03F7-C530
emulated mounted null
privatemode unmounted null
[email protected]:/ $

Here is another command that I tried,

1|[email protected]:/ $ sm list-disks adoptable
[email protected]:/ $

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Appended info.
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This no longer works on Oreo (Android 8.0).  When you enter the partition command nothing happens - no error, no activity, the command is just ignored.

If anyone has a different experience with Oreo, please post it here.

@PaulOBrien, please post an update to the original article to let Oreo users know that this loophole has likely been closed.



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