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r4 - Custom ROM starter template - Honor 7 PLK-L01 B370

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest PaulOBrien

As well as my own MoDaCo Custom ROM for the 7, I've created a custom ROM starter template for anyone who wants to have a go. It's a bit different.

Basically, this ROM template will let you create your own custom ROM VERY easily. Easier than ever before. All you have to do is...

  • download my ROM template zip
  • make the changes to the system of your phone just as you'd like them for your custom ROM
  • run some commands on your device via ADB
  • add the resulting files to the template zip

That's it! No messaging around with install scripts, no rebuilding anything complex, just mod - and go! ;-)


ONLY if you are completing the process for the first time, you need to set up a file on your microSD card - so launch an ADB shell and type the following commands...

touch /sdcard/exclude
echo app > /sdcard/exclude
echo priv-app >> /sdcard/exclude
echo delapp >> /sdcard/exclude

ROM build

Once you have your system up and running how you want it, and you're ready to distribute it (just the system and cust dirs mind, it won't pull the data dir, so your personal data is safe), reboot to recovery, launch an ADB shell and type the following commands:

mount /system
tar -X /sdcard/exclude -zcvpf /sdcard/system.therest.tar.gz /system/
tar -zcvpf /sdcard/system.apps.tar.gz /system/app /system/priv-app /system/delapp
mount /cust
tar -zcvpf /sdcard/cust.tar.gz /cust

You'll then end up with 3 new files on your SD card - system.apps.tar.gz (which is apps and priv-apps from system), system.therest.tar.gz (which, as the name suggests, is the rest of the system partition!) and cust.tar.gz with is the cust partition contents.

Update the template zip with these 3 files and that's it. It's ready to distribute for people to flash via TWRP! If you have updated the boot image, you'll need to replace that too, the easiest way is to do a TWRP backup then pull that file from the SD card and drop it into the template zip as boot.img. That's really it!

I hope this inspires a few people to start playing around with custom ROMs for the 7... more cool things coming soon! :)

Oh and the all important template file...


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Guest 5kyn37

Hi Paul

I have few questions

1- As you said we can use this template for making our own custom rom using this template and  i am installing the  r3 - De-odexed, rooted and Xposed ROM - Honor 7 PLK-L01 B330   right now so after installing the De0odexed. rooted and xposed rom How do i create my custom rom using this template any in dept guide?

2- Is my data safe EX: Emails - Contacts - Passwords - Picture so on after creating my custom rom and sharing it with others ?

 I would really appreciate your help.


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Guest PaulOBrien

Everything you need to know about using the template is in the first post!

Yes, your data will not be included in the template.


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can I install that r4 rom via TWRP if I have currently B180?

Thank you

EDIT: I managed to update to B330. Can I use it now with TWRP?

Edited by F G
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