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Memory Problems

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Guest androidusertoday


I've added a SD card but Google Play will not me me download anything to it because it says there is not enough memory, when there obviously is lots.  I have made sure that I have upgraded Android using the process suggest by Gemini (it's internal android updater) but this does not upgrade to the latest android version.  I believe that the problem with the memory might be sorted out by upgrading to the latest android version.

1. How can I upgrade to the latest android version?  I think I need to do this anyway.

2. If updating android does not help, what else can I do?  Using file explorer apps has not done the trick.

I've be really grateful of some help as we've bought the extra memorym we need to use it, and we cannot.  It's especially frustrating not being able to download anything from Google Play - we games that need updating.

I appreciate your help.



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