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r3 - De-odexed, rooted and Xposed ROM - Honor 5X KIW-L21 B130

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest PaulOBrien


Hi all!

By popular demand and so we can start delving a little deeper into customising our devices, I've prepared a de-odexed, rooted and Xposed ROM for our Honor 5Xs, based on the B130 build.

What does this mean?

  • De-odexed means that the apps no longer have a dependency on the framework files, so you can tweak them to your hearts content. This is a requirement for Xposed on the device too.
  • Rooted means root access is pre-installed, generally speaking required for Xposed.
  • Xposed means the Xposed framework is pre-installed. You simply need to download and install the Xposed APK from this thread.

For maximum Xposed compatibility, theming is disabled using the 'ro.config.hwtheme=0' setting in the /system/emui/base/prop/local.prop file. Change this back to '1' at your own risk, it may break Xposed horribly.

Before installing, make sure you take a full back up. Be aware that as the dex cache needs to be rebuilt for every app, the first boot after installation will take a long time. Really, a very long time. You SHOULD be able to dirty flash over stock.

Feel free to do with this ROM as you please, use as a base for your own custom ROM etc., but please give credit and don't just mirror the files directly.

This ROM is based on the B130 Custom ROM template.



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