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Need firmware for Rev2/Rev3 Gemini 10313BK

Guest Tachyon42

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Guest Tachyon42

Hi, I placed this as a support request too but I'll put it here also in case anyone knows where I can find the firmwares -.-

Incidentally, if anyone has the original 10313BK with the 512MB internal storage I've created a modified firmware that gives you 14GB internal storage and eliminates the nand/internal sd filesystem. Useful for installing larger apps that simply refuse on the original firmware (it's unchanged other than that)



I have two of these devices, thought they were the same, they're not.

Flashed the original one with gem10313bk.101112-1500.uk.img and it worked okay

Flashed the other one and now I have a 180 degree rotated screen and no touchscreen support so it clearly requires either the revision 2 or revision 3 (newts) firmware. 

I attempted to download both from legacy support section of this site but while there are pages for the firmwares the links are all dead -.-

Could you please either update the links so I can download the firmwares or point me to where they are as I've searched for some time and found nothing. 




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