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CM13 on AZ210A?

Guest katheinekaoz

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Guest katheinekaoz

Hi, as the current San Diego (AZ210A) is several years out of date, has anyone known of or made a ROM for CM13 to ensure the security and stop exploits to the phone?

I'm very wary of using it these days, but it's the only one I have left that's not trashed.

If not, does anyone know of tutorials where I can make that sort of thing myself? I note that CM7 exists (also extremely old) so maybe I could follow the way they made it? I'm okay at coding and compiling and don't mind the command line.

Otherwise - any other 6.0-based ROM links would be appreciated.

And also if you see links like lollipopupdate.xyz with links to speedyfiles.net - this is not what I'm looking for - speedyfiles is a scam and so are the blog posts that recommend it (I even saw one with a screenshot of someone else's comments saying that it was good!). So no such download sites. There are plenty of other legitimate free ways to upload files that last longer and aren't a scam.



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