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Honor 7 Updates

Guest Fargoboyle

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Guest Fargoboyle

I bought the Honor 7 on day of release, aside from the Emui 3.0 (running Nova launcher) I've been happy with it except the lack of upgrades or what I thought was lack of upgrades. I put my name down for the beta Marshmallow list and I regularly check for updates via the update screen and got nothing for months. I happen to tweet, requesting when the Marshmallow upgrade would arrive only to find out I was still on b100 build and you needed to be on at least b180 before b320 or b330 could be downloaded. I was sent a link to show how to do it, I've got the phone to b180 but b320 OTA fails and I've tried downloading b330 sepearately and installing but that fails as well (both dload_OTA and dload folders appear to be empty before each update attempt). My point is why is the phone manufacturer, Huawei not updating the phones when the releases come out, there have been a number of them since release and nothing, I've had to do it manually myself, not great coming from an up and coming smartphone manufacturer. I've now been told to wait for the b330 OTA to be released (very soon, according to the tweeter) which hopefully will work as the current b320 OTA (beta marshmallow from what I can gather) fails to install. Also what would be the main reasons for failed updates, I have cleared as much internal memory as possible 3.6GB spare does it require more? is there a minimum battery % requirement, it was 63% at the time, the phone is not rooted. I'm not a noob nor a specialist but this recent experience has left me wondering whether to bother with P9 when it comes out?

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