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ZTE Open C Issues

Guest CallyyllaC

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Guest CallyyllaC

Hey, Im really a novice at this and I've been searching the internet all of yesterday and today to basically, try to get the android OS onto my old ZTE Open C since I no longer use it and have upgraded to the Fx0.

Where to begin...


Device Specs:

ZTE Open C EU UK Ebay

Firefox OS v1.3 (downgraded from 2.6)

Update channel: Default

Software: FFOS_EU_EBAY_OPENCV1.0.0B04


What I have tried:

Installed Adb

Installed phone drivers

Rooting the phone - This worked and checked with adb

Re-rooting the phone with open c tool as it unrooted itself somehow

Installing android.zip from SD card (spend ages looking for the files, the ones I found give an error with it not being signed properly)

Flashing android boot or recovery images (flashing didn't work full stop, couldn't find device)

Shallow flashing (I had no idea what i was doing so gave up)


Basically the end goal is to get Android up and running onto it as a spare device for android apps. Sorry, I'm kind of inexperienced with any software stuff.

If anybody could please help me, it would be greatly appreciated.



I have managed to get flashing working on my linux PC however I'm not sure what I am supposed to flash and if it will work, so no real progress has been made. :/


*Edit 2*

I managed to flash a recovery option which allowed me to install unsigned roms and it installed fine.

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Guest KonstaT

You can either flash EU_FFOS+to+Android.zip with stock recovery or use a Windows flasher to switch to Android. Using a Windows flasher will also change partition layout which will give you roughly twice as much space for data.

Open_c_root_Android4.4.rar containing recovery flashable firmwares is available here. Extract recovery.img from EU_Android+to+FFOS.zip and flash it using fastboot (instructions in CWM thread). Use stock recovery to install EU_FFOS+to+Android.zip.

All Windows flasher firmwares are available here. Install GEN_EU_P821E10V1.0.0B10 firmware the same way you've already installed Firefox OS engineering build (don't forget to check 'erase CEFS' box switching between OS'es).

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