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Hudl 1 Appears to be charging but it isn't. Please help!


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i do apologise if this problem has already been raised but I couldn't find any info.

My previously well behaved Hudl 1 began charging sporadically and then stopped charging altogether. I first replaced the charging port but no joy. Then I bought a new battery, installed it and was so pleased to see my Hudl spring into life immediately as it already had a partial charge.

i plugged it in, saw the charging symbol appear and left it charging while I went to work. Arrived home eight hours later to find that, not only had it not charged but the partial charge of 28% had almost gone too! I'd even turned wifi off to help it charge faster.

I realised that the charging symbol was on whether it is plugged in or not. I've reseated everything again and made sure all connections are in place but nothing works.

The welcome to android screen comes on when I hit the power button but then it switches to the animation of the battery charging. This happens whether it's plugged in or not.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

thank you!



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