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Huawei P9 Bootloader unlock

Guest spences10

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Have you unlocked your bootloader and if so can you tell me by what method?

From what I can glean there seems to be two methods,

  1. It seems that you can request an unlock code from Huawei but it's not supported in Europe 
  2. There's some shady looking software out there that you can use to get your unlock code 

I have tried both of these and got nowhere with either

Appreciate any input


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I didn't have hisuite installed, so even though I could see my device via fastboot + adb DC unlocker was missing some proprietary drivers that were needed for me to use the software

Coughed up the €4 and got my bootloader unlock code, unlocked bootloader any away I go :)

Maybe it's just placebo but since wiping and starting again I have noticed that the touch screen issues I was having have gone

I installed the 136 version of the firmware soon after purchasing it via OTA method 

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