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r7 - MoDaCo Custom ROM [EMUI Style] - Honor 6 H60-L04

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest PaulOBrien

I'm pleased to present my MoDaCo Custom ROM for the Honor 6 H60-L04!

READ THIS WHOLE POST BEFORE YOU START! No, really, it contains everything you need to know.

About MoDaCo Custom ROMs

MoDaCo Custom ROMs are based on official ROMs. A MCR release is designed to feel like a stock Emotion UI ROM with optimisations, tweaks and complimentary additions that enhance the user experience. The aim of a MCR is to be ultra reliable for use on an everyday device.

This ROM is part of the 'Unified Honor ROM' project - ROMs with the same changes are available for all current Honor devices.

A MCR version with a more 'stock Android' like interface is under development.


In order to use this ROM you must have a custom recovery (e.g. TWRP) installed. The ROM is installed at your own risk. A wipe IS recommended if coming from a ROM other than MCR or stock. BACK UP YOUR DEVICE BEFORE INSTALLATION!


  • Based on the B820 custom ROM starter template (you may use MCR as a base for your own ROM)
  • ROM fully optimised with the unique MCR scripts
  • Updated power management policies to reduce instances of 'missing notifications'
  • All apps in ROM updates to latest versions (a considerable saving of over 1GB on /data!)
  • Busybox installed
  • sepolicy patched boot image ready for root
  • selinux permissive
  • Removed 'icons' from /system/themes (themes no longer need to include default icons again)
  • MoDaCo Custom Kitchen (coming soon!)
  • Multi user support
  • Multi window support
  • Preloaded Stockify theme stub
  • Numerous other small refinements - please see the gitlab commits for full details
  • This ROM is completely in version control at gitlab! https://gitlab.com/u/paulobrien/projects
  • Want more tweaks and changes? Post your requests in the support topic.


Please see the post below this one for the changelog.


You should install this ROM on a device that has previously been updated to the B820 release.

To install this ROM:

  • Download the zip file from the links below and copy to your internal / external SD card.
  • Restart your device in recovery mode
  • Select the option to apply an update zip, and select the zip file you copied to the SD card.

Important Note: As this ROM is partially deodexed, first boot can take a long time. If you have not wiped, you can check for any issues with adb logcat. Be patient!


Please do not mirror these downloads elsewhere.


If you have a general question, please post in the topic.


It's impossible to mention everyone who contributes to the Android community by name, but to everyone out there who does great work and shares it with us all - you have my gratitude and respect.

Future Updates - READ THIS!

By providing this ROM I am not guaranteeing that future updates will follow. Due to limits on my time and the fact that I have a large number of devices for short periods of time, it isn't possible for me to continue providing ROM updates indefinitely.

And finally...



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Guest PaulOBrien



  • Updated to bring ROM in line with other Honor devices, as part of unified ROM project.
  • Preparation for 'stock style' release
  • Application updates


  • Initial release
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