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Notifications Issue

Guest CaptMoemen

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Guest CaptMoemen

Hey everyone :)

First, a big thanks to Paul for being our savior and doing all the work he did. 

Now that I'm new to the Honor 7, I see the notification issue everyone is talking about. However, since it's purely a software issue, I believed it would be fixed with a custom rom, which led me to discover MoDaCo. Here I see r3, r4, and r7 (I'm guessing version of a rom?) , and that in r7's post, it is said:

  • Updated power management policies to reduce instances of 'missing notifications'

So, reduce doesn't mean fixed, it means reduce. But the post is dated March 17, so... before doing anything, I thought I'd ask, where does the whole notifications issue stand now in late July? 

I read and browsed a lot, yet, 99% of the topics that discuss the issue are dates late 2015 and early 2016 (Jan/Feb), so it seemed logical to ask where we stand "now".

Apologies if my questions seem unfounded or ignorant, but they seem valid to me as a human being new to the whole thing and abandoned by Huawei, IMHO

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Guest pillock

I would say they're fixed.... You probably saw my thread where I noted the issue, I was missing notifications that I know other phones were getting. The most annoying was Google Opinion Rewards as missing the notification of a survey costs me money.

I now get the expected number of notifications from all apps, since installing Paul's ROM I haven't had a single feeling of missing something.

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