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ZTE Stratos WSOD?

Guest Tigger79

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Guest Tigger79

Getting desperate.  Need my phone.  Here's the scoop.

The phone powers on, all I can see is a white screen.  I used to be able to sleep/wake it over and over to get the screen to come up.  Now, it just goes black to white screen, no visible interface.  I can still unlock it and answer calls, if I can blindly find the right places to put my finger and drag, so the display works, I just can't see anything.  

What I've tried - power off/on, remove the battery, SIM and SD card and restart, tried the power and volume button, all results in a white screen.  It will be weeks until I get a replacement phone and I am in desperate need.  I'm new to this so any help is appreciated, just talk to me like you are explaining it to a kindergartner!  :)  I'll be up a while tonight, so will respond as quickly as I can tonight, but I do work all week, so I will check in as often as possible.


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