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Honor 6+ PE-TL10 Internal storage problem

Guest darrenspence

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Guest darrenspence

Hi All,

I managed to stupidly brick my Honor6+ PE-TL10 but after a couple of weeks of on and off perseverance I've unbricked it!
So it's back up and running but now in Settings > Storage it reports it only has less than 4GB internal storage!?
To unbrick I downloaded Honor 6 Plus Firmware_PE-TL10_Android 5.1_C900B324.zip from HiHonor, unzipped and from the UPDATE.APP file extracted the .img files I needed and flashed via fastboot.
I tried to flash PTABLE.img but fastboot won't allow it! The screenshot clearly shows it has 32GB Phone Storage yet Internal Storage is 3.89GB.
Anyone shed any light on how to fix it?


Darren Screenshot_2016-08-05-01-24-52[1].png

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Guest darrenspence

Fix is simple, boot to recovery and wipe data! Free space magically appears again!!

I did it with TWRP recovery, rebooted the phone into Android, obviously it starts as if it's "brand new", I skipped all the options I could until I got to the home screen. Went into settings and checked the storage size, all was correct again. I then rebooted into recovery and restored my data partition and hey presto, problem solved.

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