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The most exciting camera ever, I mean EVER!

Guest Huawei UK

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Guest Huawei UK

Wide aperture photos
Use wide aperture mode for close-up shots of objects and people. You can also adjust the focal point after taking a photo to blur the background and make the subject stand out.
Note: Ensure that the subject is no more than 2 meters (6 ft) from the camera for optimum results.
1. Open Camera. Touch the Aperture icon on the top of the screen to enable wide aperture mode. Touch the icon again to exit wide aperture mode. If the icon is not displayed, select Photo mode.
2. Touch the viewfinder to focus on a particular area. Swipe up or down on the slider next to the aperture icon to preview the blurred background. Touch Capture to take a photo.



3. Touch the Gallery thumbnail, and then touch Aperture icon to edit the photo.
Note: The Aperture icon indicates photos that were taken in wide aperture mode.

  • Touch the subject of the photo to adjust the focal point.
  • To adjust the blurred background effect, touch the screen, and then swipe up or down on the slider next to the aperture icon.
  • Touch Filter icon to apply a filter.
  • Touch Save icon to save the photo.

Black and white photos

The camera comes with a separate lens designed specifically for black and white shots.
Open Camera. Swipe right on the screen, and then select Monochrome. Touch Capture icon to take a photo.



Pro camera mode
Pro camera mode lets you fine-tune photos and gives you full control over composition, exposure, and shutter speed.
1. Open Camera and swipe up to enable Pro mode.



2. Configure the camera settings, such as exposure and shutter speed. You can also add grid or spiral overlays and output images in raw format.

  • Add overlay: Swipe left on the screen and touch Assistive grid. You can choose from a 3 x 3 grid or spiral overlay to help you compose your image.
  • Output images in raw format: Swipe left on the screen and turn on the RAW format switch to save images in DNG format for more convenient post-processing.
  • Shutter speed and exposure control: Adjust the parameters at the bottom of the screen to produce a perfectly-exposed shot. You can set the ISO, shutter speed, white balance, exposure compensation, focus mode, and metering mode.





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