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Phone Clone Excels at Making It Simple to Switch to A New Phone

Guest Huawei UK

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Guest Huawei UK

The Phone Clone does a great job in resolving data transfer problems arising when you want to switch from an old to a new phone. It does not matter if they are contacts, messages, personal information, photos, music or videos. There is no need to register and it is completely free.
One of the Phone Clone key features is that it supports both iOS and Android operative systems.

1. Connect the new phone and the old phone by entering a Wi-Fi network password.
New phone: In the Phone Clone, set the phone that will receive data as ‘New phone’. A new hotspot will be created and a Wi-Fi password will be displayed.




Old phone: In the Phone Clone, set the phone that will send data as ‘Old phone’. Search for the new phone's hotspot. Touch the new phone's icon and then enter the Wi-Fi password previously displayed. Touch ‘Connect’ to enable the connection that can allow the data transfer.




2. Choose types of data.




On the old phone, choose the data you want to clone. Then touch ‘Send’, so that the new phone could receive the data.

3. Finished.
Once the new device processes all the data, the transfer is completed.
You can start using your new phone.

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