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Honor 8 button combinations clarified

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest PaulOBrien

When you're messing around with hacking your Honor 8, it's actually very difficult to brick. Believe me, I've tried! But it is easy to get in a situation where, if you don't know the relevant key combos, you can get a bit stuck.

To help avoid this, I'm clarifying the key combos for our devices below. The key thing to note is that the keys can behave differently depending on whether you have a cable to a computer plugged in or not.

No cable plugged in:

  • Volume down + tap power button: Normal boot
  • Volume up + tap power button: Recovery mode (reboot / factory reset / wipe cache options or TWRP if flashed)
  • Both volume buttons + tap power button: Flash dload image from microSD card

Connected to a computer:

  • Volume down + Power on: Fastboot mode (exit with 'fastboot reboot' or a long power button press)
  • Volume up + Power on: Huawei eRecovery (reboot / download / shutdown options - used for 'recovery loop' fix, see below)
  • Both volume buttons + Power on: Flash image via HiSuite (NOT from microSD card)

The key one here is the 'both buttons' combo. When you get your device very broken, the restore method of choice is to use a microSD with a dload folder. Based on the above, remember you need to do the both buttons combo WITHOUT a cable plugged in, or it will try and use HiSuite instead of the card.

Lots of people have noted that when using TWRP, the device can get into a continuous recovery loop. The fix for this is actually very easy - go into eRecovery (volume up and power on when connected to a computer) and select 'Shutdown'. When you then power the device on, it will boot normally instead of booting to recovery.

One final thing - when flashing from microSD, be VERY careful. Flashing a Lollipop image over Marshmallow without using the rollback image can make bad things happen, wherever possible try and flash a full image that matches the build you are using.

Hope this is helpful! :)


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