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r7 - MoDaCo Custom ROM [Stock Style Beta] - Honor 8 FRD-L09

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest PaulOBrien

Screenshot_2016-07-07-10-07-48.png Screenshot_2016-07-07-10-07-58.png Screenshot_2016-07-07-10-08-10.png

Screenshot_2016-07-07-10-09-32.png Screenshot_2016-07-07-10-08-53.png Screenshot_2016-07-07-10-09-45.png

As well as my main Custom ROM for all current Honor devices, I am excited to announce a Beta release of the 'Stock Style' version. This ROM is based on the main MCR, but has a host of changes to provide a more 'stock Android' experience!

Changes include...

  • Removed all 'additional apps' installed from cust (Twitter, Games etc.)
  • Replaced Calculator with Google Calculator
  • Replaced Calendar with Google Calendar
  • Replaced Clock with Google Clock
  • Replaced Contacts with Google Contacts
  • Replaced Dialler with Google Dialler
  • Replaced Gallery with Google Photos (can still be launched straight from Camera)
  • Replaced Phone with Google Phone
  • Replaced Messaging with Google Messenger
  • Removed Email / Exchange app (now replaced by Gmail Exchange support)
  • Removed File Manager
  • Removed HiCare
  • Removed Music app
  • Removed Notepad app
  • Removed Sound Recorder app
  • Removed Videos app
  • Removed Weather app
  • Updated default theme to Stockify
  • Added missing 'base GMS' apps as required

The ROM feels much less EMUI and much more stock Android, without losing stability, compatibility, features etc. With future releases of the Stockify theme, we should also be able to virtually revert the notification pulldown / toggles (SystemUI) and lockscreen to stock style too.

Have a play and let me know what you think - a wipe is highly recommended before installing this ROM.



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Guest MisterSalami

Hi. Long time follower/fan of your work here (Since the HTC Hero) but I ran into some problems with this ROM.

First time when I flashed this ZIP via TWRP after that the fingerprint id subsystem was broken and could not be repaired via Titanium or TWRP recovery. After TWRP restore the build was still named "modaco" where I would have thought it would be reverted to stock. This information is maybe stored in some place that is not backed up by the "standard" TWRP volumes?

To restore fingerprint functionality I had to flash stock recovery and revert to stock via /dload/ update. After updating to latest stock, re-unlocking bootloader, flashing TWRP and supersu, fingerprint still worked.

So now to be on the safe side I just installed the Google Launcher and try to get it as stock like as possible with manual methods.


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