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Rooting by using SPC ¿

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Guest minipower

Can a phone be rooted by using the SPC ¿ or is only good for getting into and changing nvram ?


I have tried QPST, QXMD and DFS with the SPC in the box, but still unable to copy all the files in efs. There were still locked folders. Is there a way to mount the root file system on a computer and put files on the phone that way. I think I read since android now uses MTP you cannot do this. I ask because you could then use the Ext2Fsd Project or Paragon ExtFS for Windows, which will bypass the read only flag/permissions --force-write so you could copy over SU and others.


Now mind you about this one--- I'm talking out my ass. I have no idea if this could be used like this... Can Linux FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) interface be used to get into a phones root dir which has been made read only ¿ Can it be built/compiled into a program and installed onto an android phone making a userspace with no restrictions.

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