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My attempt at a ROM for the honor 5c, ported from the p9 lite b130 rom

Guest Liffeyman

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Hi all,
Thought i share my work with porting a ROM from the p9 lite onto my honor 5c nem-ul10 chinese phone. This should work on all variants of the honor 5c models.
I have stripped out all the huawei apps and tried to make it a close to google stock apps that i use daily. It has adaway, busybox, Wi-Fi privacy police and viper4android installed and is rooted with superuser
As always, i take no responsibility if you brick your phone. Do a full backup of your phone before flashing.

I'd recommend doing a full wipe before installing.

Haven't figured yet how to make a flashable zip yet, but am sharing a TWRP backup of the ROM of my work.

Please say thanks if you like my work, feedback welcome.



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On 9/30/2016 at 1:51 AM, Liffeyman said:

Except, if you have theĀ  NEM-L21 then the finger print senor don't work with this ROM. You should flash the huawei p9 lite. Works great

I was thinking about installing this rom, but have no idea how to do it, have unlocked bootloader and twrp installed

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