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Best way to move large apps to SD to free up space on internal storage

Guest thrope

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Guest thrope

I have EMUI 4.0 / Andoird 6.0 on an Honor 7.

I keep running out of space on the internal storage, so I need to move apps to SD card. I can do this through the app list in settings app by app. It used to break upgrades but I hope with Marshmallow this is fixed (I go to an app -> Storage -> Move).

I used to be able to sort the app list by size, and also see separately apps already on SD from those on internal.

Basically I know that moving the apps is going to be a frustratingly annoying manual process that I have to repeat periodically - but it would be a lot easier if I could get a list of apps on the internal storage by size.

Then I can start moving those at the top.

It looks like stock Android would have a three dot menu in the top right of the app list that gives an option to sort by size, but in EMUI there is nothing there.

Is there any third party app that would provide this? I need to be able to go into the setting for the app directly from the list to select the Storage -> Move to SD option.
Thanks for any help

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Guest thrope

Thanks. It works OK. But my question is not how to move all apps. It is how to see a list of apps sorted by size on the internal storage so I can manually move the largest ones.


At the moment the list is not sorted by size and there is no indication of which are on internal or which are already on SD. So it is very hard to go through the large list, randomly chosing a large app which may or may not already be on SD.

If I had a list of apps by size - as I used to have and as you get in stock android... then it much easier. I just start at the top moving the largest apps and go down until I've freed up enough space.

I hope my question is clear.

I am looking for a list of apps installed on SD card by size, from which I can go into the Marshmallow app settings screen to move to sd.


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