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re: rooting a ZTE tablet

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I have a ZTE  tablet model K90U, Android version 6.0.1. I tried Kingoroot and it failed. I next tried iRoot and the tablet keep blocking iRoot. Saying the prog maybe infected or corrupted. I have KonstaT's  instruction page.  I have been working on this for 4 days now until I made a breakthrough. Konsta your instruction page is not quite 100% correct correct for this tablet.

After tearing my hair out and going slightly nuts on those 4 days. I finely figured out the syntax of the cmd structure for this tablet. I now have the tablet talking to my laptop in the bootloader mode. If I try to download a img file and flash it to the tablet. The tablet just sat there and did nothing. Now the tablet will flash on it's screen after reading the img. That the img has the wrong keys and so on and reject the img . The correct sequence for this tablet is, in recovery mode choose "apply update from ADB". Then in Windows terminal type "adb sideload <and the file name>". It has to be SIDELOAD not DOWNLOAD, that's the key to the cmd sequence in this tablet. And "adb reboot bootloader" does nothing. The reboot bootloader has to be done by power button + volume down button. At lease now I made some progress on this tablet after 4 days work. A good thing in that it is a good inside project on these cold snowing days. Now I just need to find the right recovery-CWM image file for this tablet.    Konsta the tablet rejects the "recovery-cwm6051-kis3.img" file of yours.  Could you please tell me were I can download the right recovery-CWM file.  This sideload cmd sequence sure through me for a loop. Since I started using Android phones I had to learn a new OP system. I have been a Windows tech for many years. I have successfully rooted 3 phones and 2 tablets that I have owned over the years. I only hard bricked 1 phone.



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4 hours ago, Maiselff said:

It sounds that you have little choices


Kingoroot or kingroot

You need to download your stock rom first, and the tools for reinstall your rom, in case of mistakes.

If the app used for rooting fails, you need try different version releases of the same apps.

I found what I think is the stock rom   "895u90_k90u_ marshmallow_kernel(3.10.x).tar.gz" at ZTE's web page      http://opensource.ztedevice.com/     I don't know what tools work on this tablet. The regular prog's that I have used in the past don't work here.. 

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