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Custom ROMs or stay on stock ?

Guest johnhux

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Guest johnhux

I'm a proud new owner of the Honor 8.

I got this phone just in time to be at the start off the UK beta N testing programme.

I have been involved in the Android development community since Android 2.

I have always got a new phone and straight away looked for a way of rooting, TWRP and custom ROMs. 

Not with this phone however. I'm finding that with the beta N program changing the way the EMUI looks and works and that there are themes and fonts available that you can apply without root. This means that together with all the settings available via stock settings I can change the way my phone looks and feels to how I want it. 

All this together with the promice of Two years of updates from Honor is keeping me from rooting my phone and using custom ROMs. Just because it's kind of thought that android and custom ROMs come hand in hand ( & they do) it doesn't mean that you have to get your nice new shinny phone and flash a custom ROM in which not everything might not work properly. Have a good look at what you can do with your phone with out having to unlock the bootloader.

I'm currently in the position of being able to test my honor 8 along side my flat mates Pixel and I can honestly say that I would rather have my Honor 8.

I must admit that I have other phones -Nexus 5 & S3 19300 so am able to get my custom ROM fix else where. 

What do you all think ?






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