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Honor 5C - System does not work, Recovery freezes ...PLEASE HELP!

Guest Andrew88cz

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Hey guys, I'm so probably larger problem. I have Honor 7 Lite (after the world also known as Honor 5C), I tried to best install Nougat for P9 Lite, and according to the reviews on the net stated that the works on my Honor, I have TWRP for Nougat P9 Lite, the sole point, I tried the official TWRP for my phone, but neither version is not to flash so that I got into it, via fastboot to flash the successful, but you can not get into it, I wanted to return CM13 or to the original firmware, I downloaded here http://www.hihonor.com/in/support/ for Honor 5C, CM 13 I'm always successfully installed, but I never enters the system, it always remained hanging on that possibility, where the press VOLUME uP to Recovery or if it is not pressed anything, to 5 vtern the system starts, but did not. Moreover, if you want to flash any Romani woman, so I'm reports an error: Failed to mount / cust / product / vendor / version (Invalid argument), so they can not get anywhere. I tried everything already, but today I came across this thread, where he advised on Hanni Marshmallow returning to P9 Lite, whether it would not be similarly get into the system again and run the phone? Thank you very much for your advice and tips. I'm about to work, but when evening comes, there will respond immediately if anyone would want to write something more info. Just a question, when you connect the phone cable and opens in the PC folder where I can throw files loaded automatically install, the folder DLOAD must vytvorut internal storage or SD card? The internal storage now has absolutely nothing except the DLOAD folders with files to update, but unfortunately everything failed. Friends Nougat 7 works on the same type of phone very well for 14 days. For me but it seems that my current cell phone without functionless system, please you do not know how to fix it and return to where best provided original ROM? I know, I'm a jerk, I did not have to do anything like venturing at all. Sorry for my english, its only translate with google translator. In advance thank you very much for your help.

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