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HUAWEI Nova Photo Taking Tips

Guest Huawei UK

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Guest Huawei UK

Photo tip 1: Ultra snapshot


Generally it takes three steps to take a photo — you have to unlock the screen, activate the camera, and then take a photo. This is the conventional way that we all know. Today I'm going to share with you a one-step way to take a photo. Here it is.


You will gain infinite possibilities when you are one step faster than the rest of the world! After setting this mode up, you don't have to unlock the screen when it's turned off. Just point the camera at your subject, and double press the volume down button. You'll be able to capture a memorable moment whenever and wherever.



Photo tip 2: Audio control


Want to take a photo but can't find someone to do it for you? It doesn't matter. Let your voice take the photo for you.


Point the camera at the subject and say 'cheese' loudly. The camera will take a photo automatically when it hears this command.

Photo tip 3: Capture smiles


Smiling always puts us in a good mood. A gentle smile is like all the flowers blooming together. How can we let such a beautiful moment pass by! Use the smile snapshot function to capture your beautiful smile! Activate your camera, and when the viewfinder detects a smile it will take a photo automatically.


Photo tip 4: Fingerprint snapshot


You can take a photo with your fingerprint. You don't need both hands to take a photo anymore. Activate your camera then touch and hold the fingerprint sensor to take a photo.


Photo tip 5: Touch to capture


Activate your camera, and touch the screen to take a photo. How about trying this stylish way to take a photo?


After you have turned on touch to capture, you can take a photo by touching any part of the screen in the frame.

Every photo is a personal memory. You are bound to find at least one of these Huawei Nova photo taking tips useful!


quick shot.PNG

tap settings.PNG

find settings.PNG

going to camera.PNG


audio settings.PNG

audio control.PNG


capture smiles.PNG


take photo video.PNG



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