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Huawei Nova - Power Comes in a Small Package, Experience Endurance in a Compact Design

Guest Huawei UK

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Guest Huawei UK

Mobile phones have a growing presence in our daily lives, for everything including studying, entertainment, shopping, and navigation. As such a necessary and important item, do you sometimes worry that your phone battery can't last an entire day and feel the need to carry a heavy portable charger with you? The best solution is a phone that has long-lasting battery power while maintaining its light weight, like HUAWEI Nova!

Octa-core processing power provides optimal performance

Performance is without a doubt the most important element of a mobile phone. HUAWEI Nova incorporates Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa-core, 64-bit processor. Its octa-core scheduling algorithm separates it from other processors on the market. The octa-core processor maximizes CPU power and brings you incomparable speed and experience.

In addition, HUAWEI NOVA's 14 nm FET chip optimizes impedance, and the upgraded production process allows more transistors for the CPU and GPU, which improves processor performance. Furthermore, this effectively lowers the power usage of cooling functions and extends your battery life. You can play games and watch videos without worrying about your battery power.

High endurance with energy efficiency

Power usage is mostly based on your phone's screen and CPU. Your phone's endurance is closely dependent on its battery capacity and power-saving methods. HUAWEI NOVA incorporates a 5-inch FHD negative LCD screen to reduce power usage, 14 nm technology to build and support a CPU with six power-saving technologies, as well as SmartPower technology developed by Huawei. SmartPower optimizes power usage for more than 40 functions, identifies user scenarios automatically, and distributes system resources based on specific use, ensuring maximum efficiency for power usage.

Four-level cooling design improves charging efficiency

HUAWEI Nova incorporates four cooling functions: single-layer graphite, double-layer thermally conductive adhesive, smart temperature control, and multiple temperature sensors. This significantly reduces over-heating and improves charging efficiency.

Higher performance, greater endurance, and improved appearance, HUAWEI Nova incorporates all these qualities within a compact 5-inch body. Endurance is now a reality!

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