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Huawei Nova Plus - Want Secret Protection for Your Phone? Try Multi-user Mode

Guest Huawei UK

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Guest Huawei UK

In today's society, you think your family and friends are the people who know you the best. They are not. In fact, it is our phone that is the closest to us every day. So many of our information and secrets are stored on our phone. That's why when you lend your phone to others or share it around, you'll inevitably worry that your important information gets leaked or modified.


You might not know that the multi-user mode on the Huawei Nova Plus is your phone's most trustworthy secret guardian. The multi-user function allocates separate storage to different users and isolate each user's data to protect your privacy. Even when different users share the same app, everybody's data is separated.


This helpful function divides users into three different roles. Each phone can only have one owner and one guest, but you can create multiple sub users.


  • Owner: the owner of the phone. Generally you will only log in as the owner when you are using your own phone.
  • Sub user: Your close family or friends can log in as a sub user when they use your phone. After they log in, they can use most of the functions, except the functions that will influence the owner, such as factory reset and do-not-disturb.
  • Guest: Guests have relatively limited access permissions. When a friend who is not that close to you borrows your phone, it is best for them to log in to your phone as a guest. After they log in, they are only allowed to carry out certain operations. They don't have access to messages and can't install unknown apps.



Isn't it a very helpful feature? Now let's take a look at how to use this feature in detail.


Touch Settings > Users to access the multi-user management screen. You can add, switch, and remove users and manage access permissions for each user.


Add user

Touch Add or Add guest and follow the onscreen instructions to add a sub user or guest. After you add a user, the user will appear on the unlock screen. The user on the unlock screen is the user that is currently logged in.



Switch user

Touch the user that you want to log in with, and touch Switch user in the displayed menu. You can also touch the user's profile picture on the unlock screen to log in.




Allow calls and messages, and sharing of communication history

When you log in as the owner, you can give access permissions to sub users and the guest.

Touch the user that you want to give access permissions to, and touch Allow calls and messages, and sharing of communication history in the displayed menu.



After granting the user permission, they will be allowed to make calls, send messages, and share call and message logs with the owner. If the owner has given access permission to more than one sub user, authorized sub users can also share their communication history.

Note: The guest cannot send messages.


Remove user

Touch the user that you want to delete, and then touch Remove user in the displayed menu. The user's data will also be deleted when the user is removed.


Don't you think this secret protector for your phone is awesome! You will never have to worry about embarrassing information leaks again. Grab your Huawei Nova Plus and give it a go!

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