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Surround Sound to Go, Enjoy Home Theater Experience Anywhere at Any Time

Guest Huawei UK

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Guest Huawei UK

After purchasing headphones that are more professional and high-tech for a more enjoyable audio experience, what you need now is the right device. Want to take the home theater experience with you? The speakers you have set your eyes on are too expensive? Worried you don't have the space for professional audio equipment at home? No problem! As long as you have HUAWEI Nova, you can enjoy professional-level surround sound anywhere at any time!

DTS Headphone:X sound

HUAWEI NOVA provides DTS Headphones:X sound for users who seek the ultimate sound quality. Using the acoustic field characteristics of mixing studios and other audio labs, DTS Headphone:X can accurately reproduce the sound effect of audio studios using any headphones. DTS Headphones:X gives you a stunning audio experience that rivals home theaters. This incredible audio experience was designed to provide you with the optimal end-to-end audio effect. It accurately reproduces the recording environment of sound engineers and optimizes the performance of audio devices and headphones. No matter the content, you will be able to enjoy a significantly improved sound quality.

Quality anywhere at any time

Regardless of whether you're listening to music, watching videos, or playing games, DTS Headphones:X by HUAWEI Nova will consistently provide you with high-quality surround sound and 3D sound effects that mimic the multi-channel sound effects of movie theaters. Regardless of whether you're downloading videos or watching them online, you can immerse into the audio experience anywhere at any time.


A home theater experience in your pocket

At a time of big-screen dominance, HUAWEI Nova was born to satisfy users' small-screen needs. Inside the slim, curved 5-inch metal frame is a 3020 mAh battery, yet the phone is only 7.1 mm thick. While preserving the phone's elegant appearance, smooth feel, and compact design, DTS Headphone:X by HUAWEI Nova produces premium 3D sound that restores the virtual space created by sound engineers. The virtual 3D sound effects give you an improved sense of space. Forget having to carry professional audio equipment with your phone, HUAWEI Nova allows you to travel light.

Fully adapted to HUAWEI and mainstream headphones

Can't enjoy professional audio experience without professional headphones? Let HUAWEI Nova prove this wrong. HUAWEI Nova DTS Headphone:X is pre-tuned to a variety of headphones. No complicated operations required, plug in your headphones and enjoy! Regardless of whether you use over-ear or in-ear headphones, HUAWEI Nova DTS Headphone:X is pre-set with the corresponding tuning parameters, optimizing headphone quality and maximizing professional headphone performance. Additionally, HUAWEI Nova DTS Headphone:X is tuned exclusively for six HUAWEI headphones. Together, they will bring you the best experience.


A personalized experience

In addition to producing 3D sound effects and having headphone presets, HUAWEI Nova DTS Headphone:X also provides you with a customizable audio spectrum. You can set an individualized sound based on your personal preference, in order to satisfy all your audio needs. Furthermore, you can set different playback parameters for different headphones, creating an even better fit between HUAWEI Nova and your playback device. Even for imperfect headphones, you can set the corresponding playback parameters to improve the audio experience.

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