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How to Take Quick Snapshots with Your Huawei Smartphone

Guest Huawei UK

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Guest Huawei UK

When you need quick access to the camera app, nothing is more annoying than waiting for your phone to unlock. Huawei smartphones come with a number of handy features to ensure you don't miss out on those fleeting photo opportunities.

  • Ultra Snapshot

This feature allows you to take a photo without turning on or unlocking the screen.


When the screen is off, point the camera at your subject and press the volume down button twice in quick succession to launch the camera and take a photo. The capture time will be displayed onscreen.



  • Ultra snapshot cannot be used to take photos with the front camera.
  • Ultra snapshot cannot be used when Portrait mode is enabled.
  • Press the volume down button twice in quick succession.


  • Smile Detection

No more grumpy faces or self-timers when smile detection is enabled, the camera will automatically take a photo when it detects a smile.


  • Launching the Camera from the Lock Screen

This feature gives you quick access to the camera without the need to unlock the screen. To launch the camera from the lock screen, simply swipe up on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen.


Your phone will automatically revert to the lock screen when you exit the camera. The photo thumbnail is grayed out to prevent unauthorized access to your photos.

  • Object Tracking

This feature is designed to keep fast moving subjects in focus. When object tracking is enabled, touch the subject to automatically lock the focus on it.


Note: Object tracking and smile detection cannot be enabled at the same time.

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