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Help with Tesco Hudl1 restoration images

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Hi All,

I have bought my children Hudl a few years back that has now be gathering dust due to a virus which affected the device. The virus manifest itself in showing all kind of indecent adverts and does not allow the user to gain control of the device. 

I tried the factory reset process but that didn't help so for the past few year I simply put them away as I could not afford my 8 and 10 year seeing these images. I recently bought myself a book with came with an epub version so I am now looking for a way of restoring these 3 tablets so I can use them for at least reading as the devices are physically and electronically in very good condition.

I tried downloading the images found here  but the URL no longer works. Over the weekend I came across rkflashtool which I was able to use for interrogating the hudl through Ubuntu 16.04 terminal. Using this interface I was able to read the various partition such as the "kernel, boot, system" etc.

I was also able to mount the "system" partition on to my my machine " see below.

; All command used with elevated privileges
[email protected]:/home/onio/Downloads/rkflashtool-6.1-src# ./rkflashtool p
rkflashtool: info: rkflashtool v6.1
rkflashtool: info: Detected RK3188...
rkflashtool: info: interface claimed
rkflashtool: info: reading parameters at offset 0x00000000
rkflashtool: info: size:  0x00000292
MAGIC: 0x5041524B
ATAG: 0x60000800
PWR_HLD: 0,0,A,0,1
KERNEL_IMG: 0x60408000
#RECOVER_KEY: 1,1,0,20,0
CMDLINE:console=ttyFIQ0 androidboot.console=ttyFIQ0 board.ap_has_alsa=0 vmalloc=512M init=/init initrd=0x62000000,0x00800000 mtdparts=rk29xxnand:
[email protected](misc),
[email protected](kernel),
[email protected](boot),
[email protected](recovery),
[email protected](backup),
[email protected](cache),
[email protected](kpanic),
[email protected](system),
[email protected](factory),
[email protected](userdata)

[email protected]:/home/onio/Downloads/rkflashtool-6.1-src# ./rkflashtool v
rkflashtool: info: rkflashtool v6.1
rkflashtool: info: Detected RK3188...
rkflashtool: info: interface claimed
rkflashtool: info: chip version: 310B-2012.11.30-V100

[email protected]:/home/onio/Downloads/rkflashtool-6.1-src# ./rkflashtool r system > hudl-system.img
[email protected]:/home/onio/Downloads/rkflashtool-6.1-src# mkdir -p /mnt/hudl 
[email protected]:/home/onio/Downloads/rkflashtool-6.1-src# mount hudl-system.img /mnt/hudl

 I was wondering if someone has hudl restore images that they can share so I can use to flash my devices back to its original state. I don't mind whatever solution is available Window 7 or Linux. A brief description on how to reprogram the device would be most highly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.




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I believe you'll need rktools (windows), not rkflashtool (linux) to use this backup. It's a backup of the stock 1.3.1 software that I downloaded from here some years ago, but I've not used it myself.

Either way, the file is re-uploaded: here

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Hi flurry,

Thanks for your reply, I was able to download image and re-flash one of my Tesco hudl's. I would try and repeat the process on the other 2 hudl tablets but thought to express my appreciation for your help.



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