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Honor 5C kills background apps

Guest tom.koval

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I have Honor 5C - NEM-L51c432b355 with EMUI 5.0

and my problem is that .... phone kills apps in background.

I've added all applications to ignore optimization (a lot of scrolling and clicking) but still it kills apps.


I have chromecast and using it with Deezer, after starting playlist on chromecast I can see banner with option to pause or stop it - it is fine.

But if I want to skip track or change it - I can't, when opening Deezer it doesn't know it is casting to chromecast and only option is to stop casting and start again new playlist.

The same thing with notepad (ColorNote) and Chrome - I wanted to paste some details on webpage and couldn't as chrome was re-starting whole page every time I switch to the other app.

I'm using this phone for some time but just noticed it with so heavily issues.

I've reset it to defaults and re-installed apps - still the same.

Firmware Finder shows B357 update but this one in changelogs shows only updates regarding selfies and some security.


Any ideas how to go around this issue except changing phone ?

Also when you click square there is padlock option on running application which supposed to keep it alive - still it is killed after some time.




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