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So you have picked up a Wileyfox in the Amazon Black Friday Sale

Guest hecatae

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Guest hecatae

If like me, you have found it is on a no longer supported software version, and you need to upgrade, you need to download the following:

For the Spark or Spark + SW21-WF-PORRIDGE-CM-13.0.5-ZNH0EAS9KB-RECOVERY.zip


For the Swift if you find you are on 12.1 Cyanogen OS cm-13.0-ZNH0EAS2NH-crackling-signed-9c92ed2cde_recovery.zip and then SW27-WF-CRACKLING-CM-13.1.5-ZNH2KAS7EB-RECOVERY.zip

For the Storm cm-13.1.2-ZNH2KAS4YE-kipper (recovery).zip for 12.1 Cyanogen OS and then SW23-WF-KIPPER-CM-13.1.5-ZNH2KAS7EC-RECOVERY.zip

For the Swift 2 / 2 Plus or 2X SW33-WF-MARMITE-CM-13.1.5-ZNH2KAS7EB-RECOVERY.zip

After downloading the updates and getting to the final Cyanogen OS version, the Wileyfox updater should prompt you to download the TOS Android Nougat release.

If it does not, here is the SD Card update documentation:

Wileyfox SD Card update documentation

Any issues SHOUT!


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