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HUDL 2 not turning on after Factory-Reset (now working)

Guest Serama

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Hello, I'm having issues with my HUDL 2. 

Yesterday I performed a factory reset through the menu accessed when holding the volume up and power key. My HUDL 2 was working fine, I was just clearing it as I wanted to give it to a family member.

However, now it will not turn on. I get the 'Powered by Android' screen for a few seconds and then the screen just flashes on and off (in plain black with no text). It's really frustrating because it was working fine, If I knew resetting it was risky I wouldn't have bothered. It still charges, I've tried letting it charge fully and then turned it on but it still does the same thing. 

Is there anything I can try?
Thanks for your help.



edit- I can still access the menu with the factory reset. 


edit#2-  I did a second factory reset not expecting anything to change but it seemed to fix the issue. My hudl turned on, downloaded an update, rebooted and appears to be working fine now. 

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