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Oxygen Updater helps you get your OnePlus update fix, faster

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest PaulOBrien

For Android users (or maybe it's just me), there's little that compares to the joy of getting a system update. By the same token, there's little that is as frustrating as the dreaded 'staged rollout', aka everyone else getting updates before you. If you are a OnePlus owner, Oxygen Updater is here to ease your pain!

Free from the Google Play Store with a 89p ad removal option, Oxygen Updater works with all OnePlus devices since the OnePlus 2 and checks online for new updates. When they appear, the application notifies you, provides a direct link to download and includes instructions on how to use the built in OnePlus updater to manually apply the update.

Screenshot_20180617-214708.jpg Screenshot_20180617-214829.jpg

I've recently started using a OnePlus 6 and it's great - updates are coming thick and fast right now and I can get them straight away.

With over 100,000 downloads, Oxygen Updater is clearly filling a need, now if only we could get the same for other manufacturers *cough* Huawei *cough*...

Head to the Play Store to download or the Oxygen Updater site for more details.

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