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Wanted HUDL 1 JDQ39.20140424.153851 stock rom

Guest paul7575

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Guest paul7575

(Please can someone help and possibly upload a copy I would be very grateful Many Thanks)

 Where can I download a stock rom for hudl 1  HT7s3  JDQ39.20140424.153851 .All  old links found on  

appear to be DOWN

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Guest paul7575

Sorted !

Massive thanks and credit to Captain Midnight who really went the extra mile with help on this one. For anyone interested I include download links which may be of interest below


Root +CWM
https://www.dropbox.com/s/1vvcx5qafdmg2rp/(ROOTED %26 CWMR)_Hudl_Stock_Backup_v1.3.1_(JDQ39.20140424.153851).rar?dl=0


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Guest samantha89


I've been driving myself a little crazy the last 2 days trying to work this out.  In short I have a hudl 1 ( the same image as the above ) and it has stopped connecting to wifi.  When I say stopped I mean it does temporarily then drops out again (tested on several networks)  I went for a factory reset in the hope this would resolve the issue however now i cant get through set up as the wifi doesn't connect long enough to complete the set up. 

I was hoping the above may help me restore the stock image and see if that works.. i'm not sure that it will however the device is now useless so i have nothing to lose.  I seem to come unstuck when i load the rockchip batch tool. Either i don't have the correct driver or i cant get it into "recovery" mode.  When the hudl is on and plugged in it is recognised in windows and i cant see anything in device manager to suggest missing drivers. Yet it does not appear as a connected device in the tool.  The only step in the previously documented procedure by Sirius c is the installation of the adb files as this link in the original post is no longer valid.  I guess what i am asking Paul7575 or Captain Midnight is if you have an updated version of these (running win 10 64bit) please? Any other input much appreciated also as shortly it'll be being utilised as a frisby flying out the window!

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Guest Aislingean

I have this exact problem and today had a talk with Tesco who said We know about this problem and are looking for a solution
We first became aware of this on the 19th of January when a significant number of queries highlighted the problem.
Please call back to support on a regular basis to see if we have made any progress
The tech support I spoke to admitted that it was unlikely that this would have a large team assigned or be given high priority
I replaced a broken screen and everything was fully operational but as the hudl was destined for another child I did a factory default reset from recovery mode now I cannot get past the wireless set up screen so it seems I put the new screen on a door stop

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